Monday, 23 May 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Check out these bad boys - Image courtesy of Zaggora

Well last week I harked on about giving up on the diet and so far it is working. I have not felt compulsion to eat at all this week and I have lost a few pounds without even trying. I have signed myself up for classes at the gym this week as I plan (evil word) to put my focus much more on the exercise side of things whilst remaining sensible but flexible with my diet. 

Karen over a Would like to be a Yummy Mummy asked around to see who would be interested in trying out a new brand of exercise shorts made by the company Zaggora. They are designed to help you get more out of your workout. By wearing them when you exercise can help you shift the pounds faster. Great! I love getting more for less but then I am Scottish and we are thrifty! 

I can't wait to get my pair of HotPants to review for you all. There are a few of us Momentum girls who will be receiving them shortly. I can assure you my pair will be thoroughly tested, I might even wear them to bed. Apparently, wearing them while you are sleeping can show results in 6 -8 weeks. WooHoo! 

Oh and before I forget to tell you this other amazing fact! If you fancy buying yourself a pair to get yourself svelte then please use this voucher code (CLAIREMCC) here: 

Because, you get 10% off and I get £4. Although the £4 will come to me, I will be donating my £4 to the charity CrossReach who provide the Post Natal Depression Service in Edinburgh as they have been a huge support to me when I have needed it most and I would like to give something back. 



  1. Oh Claire this is wonderful - both the donation to charity and the chosen charity. I hope you do well. I can't wait to receive our Hot Pants so that we can look HOT.
    Well done on your progress xxx

  2. Mummyandthebeastie23 May 2011 at 23:21

    Yes these HotPants are eagerly anticipated! I like the fact you can sleep and achieve results!! Can't wait to see our posts once they arrive. Well done on you sticking with your diet and especially with the flu thrown in as well xx

  3. Yeah I like the idea of losing weight by sleeping too, it's definitely the way forward!

  4. Thanks Liska, the charity means a lot to me. I have to travel to Edinburgh every Tuesday to use the service but I shouldn't have to so I am raising money for them so that they can expand into other towns and cities. I'm going to do a PND post soon but it's still a raw subject for me. Xx

  5. Well done for sticking with it and seeing results. I can't wait for my hotpants to arrive. I will be living in them as need dramatic results around the bottom and thigh area..apparantly you can lose up to two dress sizes in two weeks...can't wait!!

    Your chosen charity sounds wonderful. Lets hope you manage to raise lots of money for them :-) x

  6. 2 dress sizes in 2weeks sounds good to me! X

  7. Multiple Mummy27 May 2011 at 17:46

    Well done you! Looking forward to testing the hot pants too and a great charity to donate the money too. You are a star xx


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