Bucket List

I absolutely love the film The Bucket List it is such a feel good film - even though both the main characters die in the end - hope that doesn't spoil it for you!

The concept is to create a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket (die). I am going to create my own bucket list here and score through my entry when I have achieved it.

1. Create a blog 
2. Visit Africa and teach in an African school
3. Complete the Inca trail
4. Walk a marathon
5. Visit my family in Australia
6. Learn to play guitar
7. Learn to speak a foreign language, well
8. Be able to communicate using sign language
9. Reach a physical size that I am happy with
10. Go camping and set up my own tent
11. Buy a caravan and travel to France in it
12. Learn to salsa dance (properly)
13. Learn to swim underwater
14. Scuba dive in the great barrier reef
15. Swim with dolphins
16. Go on a yoga retreat in India
17. Learn to take great photographs
18. Win a raffle
19. Play bingo
20. Go whitewater rafting
21. Surf
22. Go on a really scary rollercoast (without crying)
23. Go paragliding
24. Learn how to fly a plane
25. Ride in a helicopter
25 . Drive a Ferrari
26. Try indoor rock climbing
27. Ride my bike on the road for a distance of 5 miles or more
28. Climb a mountain (Kilimanjaro)
29. Drive down Route 66
30. Visit Texas and go to a Rodeo
31. Visit Alcatraz
32. Walk the West Highland Way
33. Bag a Munro
34. Go Karting
35. Milk a cow
36. Ride a camel
37. Ride an elephant
38. Mush a dog sled
39. Visit lapland
40. Go on Safari
41. See the Northern Lights
42. See the Pyramids 
43. Visit Pompei
44. See all 7 wonders of the world
45. Visit The Louvre
46. See Mecca
47. Visit Auschwitz
48. Go Island hoping in the Caribbean
49. Visit Martha's Vineyard
50. Go wine tasting in Italy
51. Visit Disneyworld
52. Take part in Oktoberfest
53. Go to a Brazilian Carnival
54. Go to T in the Park
55. See Take That in concert
56. Learn how to sail
57. Go on a canal boat holiday
58. See penguins in the Arctic
59. Learn to ski
60. Write a book
61. Release an album
62. Be on a TV quiz show
63. Be remembered for giving something back to the world