Sunday 6 November 2016

Getting YoursELF Ready

It's nearing that time of year again where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogs will be filled with pictures of Elves getting up to their tricks. In our house we have fully embraced Elf on the Shelf and our Elf, Buddy, has become a huge part of our lives. I would like to share with you how I prepare for our special visitor's arrival and the traditions we have created over the years to keep Buddy's magic alive. 

Buddy arrived with his suitcase in 2013 and the first year was lots of fun. John was only 3 and with a newborn in the house, Buddy was a welcome distraction for him. During the 25 days Buddy and John developed a beautiful friendship but when Buddy left John wasn't really that bothered. It was until the following year that I realised how strong his attachment was to this little stuffed green and red toy. When Buddy appeared under our tree in 2014 John was hugging him tightly and kissing him all over. He ran around the house showing Buddy all the changes there had been in the last year. It broke my heart when he 'sat Buddy down' to break the news that our beloved dog Ruby had passed away since his last visit. When it came to saying goodbye to Buddy at the end of the second year there were tears galore. I felt awful. I had brought Buddy into his life and was now causing him pain by taking him away. Due to this bond and because I am a total sap, I decided that Buddy would visit more regularly in year 3. He delivered chocolatey treats at Easter, joined in on a beach trip in summer, brought John a present on his birthday in August and scared us all with his spooky arrival at Halloween. When he came back in his traditional way in the December I was worried that the impact of his arrival would be lessened by his regular visits but I was wrong. Both John and Jamie were thrilled to see him and  Rudy the Reindeer who was sent as a special friend for Jamie. What I am trying to tell you is that bringing an Elf into your life can be such a beautiful experience. When it's done right, Elf on the Shelf isn't just a tokenistic gesture or a competition between mums for who can be the most creative. Although Buddy has inspired many of my friends to get an elf of their own, we share ideas and love looking at each other's photos around Christmas time. Many of my facebook followers will comment throughout the year about looking forward to Buddy coming back, he has many groupies!

It takes quite a bit of effort to organise your Elf. I should point out that we do not follow Elf on the Shelf rules such as the no touching. We bought our Elf from My Little Elf (this isn't a sponsored post) and he is a cuddly cute elf. I personally didn't like the 'real' Elf on the Shelf elves as I think they look quite scary. The first couple of years I didn't plan what Buddy would be doing, I just thought about it one day at a time. This was quite stressful and often resulted in my husband and I forgetting about it until bedtime then desperately racking our brains late at night for ideas. Last year I decided to plan Buddy's tricks and treats so that I could buy things in advance and as much as possible link him to things that would naturally be happening in our lives. This made life much easier for me. 

We always start Buddy's arrival in the same way each year. 

We have elf doors in both the boys rooms (you can order these online but I bought mine at a craft fair and the lady we bought it from personalised it for me). A few days before December I start sprinkling glitter or leaving chocolate coins outside the door to signal that Buddy will be arriving soon. He arrives on the 1st of December with 24 Christmas books wrapped individually in Christmas paper (a sort of book advent), he also has with him a photobook full of his antics from the previous year. He also delivers the advent calendars and last year he arrived with 2 snuggly christmas blankets and a christmas pillow. We always have Buddy bring our Christmas decorations and usually plan this for the first weekend in December. I try to have a balance of activities for Buddy, some are funny like swinging from the lights or rolling down the stairs in toilet roll, some are crafty such as bringing things to make like Christmas cards or cookies. Sometimes we link it to things that are happening in our lives like Buddy wearing a Christmas jumper when it is Christmas Jumper day at school or bringing chocolates to give to our hairdresser when it is Christmas haircut day. During the 2nd year of elfing we had a kindness elf, Holly, who came each day with random acts of kindness ideas for John to take part in such as giving toys to charity, collecting food for the foodbank and making up a goodie pack to deliver to the homeless in the city centre. 

John really loves the food themed days, especially when Buddy makes breakfast with doughnuts and milkshakes! Planning these activities in advance make them more meaningful and allow you to shop in advance for props. Last year John was really into karate kid so I asked a friend at work who crochets to make me a ninja suit for Buddy. I wouldn't be able to do things like this without thinking about it in November. I even have a Buddy budget when I do my November finances! It may seem crazy but I think that spending a little more on the Buddy experience is much more valuable than yet another visit to a grotto with an unrealistic Santa to get yet another crappy plastic toy. Every year Buddy brings a new tree decoration and it is lovely to look back on these little touches. If you are going to a Christmas party, Santa visit or Christmas fayre day out, your elf can bring things like tickets, new outfits or money to spend. These are all things you would be doing or spending money on anyway. I usually buy special paper or luggage tags to write messages on from Buddy and I always sign it with a holly leaf. A few days before the big day we start to build on the excitement with things like Santa's footprints. 

Our farewell to Buddy is quite the tradition too. On the 24th of December Buddy brings the boys a Christmas Eve box filled with the usual goodies (Christmas film, PJs, hot chocolate, The Night Before Christmas Book, candy canes, chocolate coins, the santa key, christmas scented bubble bath and reindeer dust). We usually visit my grandparents on Christmas Eve, go for a long walk and then go out for dinner. When we come home we go through the usual routines of scattering the reindeer dust and putting out the plate for Santa. Whilst all this is going on, Buddy sneaks upstairs and creates the most wonderful Christmas themed bath with the christmas scented bubble bath, red and green balloons, glitter and fake snow, bubbles, christmas music playing, christmas decorations to play with and christmas lights and candles glowing. This is a very special part of our Christmas routine. After the bath we get into our new PJs and read The Night Before Christmas. The boys then kiss Buddy goodbye and give him a big hug. They put him to bed under the tree and off they pop to bed. Buddy then disappears.The excitement of Christmas usually dulls the pain a little but it's never easy saying goodbye to this little elf who has a piece of all our hearts.

Thanks for letting me share Buddy's magic with you. 
#sharingbuddysmagic - check us out on instagram and keep up to date with the elf antics this festive period. 

Friday 1 January 2016

My Top 5 Achievements of 2015

Firstly,  Happy New Year! Secondly, today marks my 5th blog birthday so Happy Blogoversary to me. For the last 2 years I've marked the new year with my top 5 achievements. This year has passed in a bit of a blur. I've found it difficult to think of it in terms of achievements but I dug deep and this is what I came up with...

1. 365 Happy Days - my picture a day that captures some sort of happiness and joy is still going strong. I started it almost 2 years ago and although it can be tough to keep it going it's really worthwhile. What I've noticed as I have reviewed my photos this year is how much more varied they are. Last year, pretty much every photo was of the boys. Don't get me wrong most of them still are but there are a lot of other things making me happy and fulfilling my life too which I think is a sign on a balanced life. If you fancy checking out my year in pictures you can see it below or you can check me out on Instagram

2. Surviving Christmas - speaking in terms of mental health, every year around Christmas I actually lose the plot. It is a tough time of year for everyone and although I enjoy it, it seems to send me to a place where I am anxious all the time and feel pretty down.  Not this year though!! For the first year in a long time I got through it smiling. No meltdowns, no tears and no wishing it would just be over. I dialled my festivities back this year, focused on the kids and stopped rushing. It has worked.

3. Ukulele Orchestra - I was never good at attending clubs when I was a kid. I would be enthusiastic until I got the uniform/equipment then I'd get fed up. I joined the Fife Ukulele Orchestra in January last year and I'm really proud of myself for sticking with it. I've met some lovely people and it's great being part of a community group. My uke playing has definitely improved but I am hoping to focus on this much more in 2016.

4. School Boys - I managed to secure Jamie a place at nursery. He's not supposed to start until next December but he got early entry due to his sight issues. I'm pleased to say he is thriving. John started school in August and I am amazed at how much he has grown up in few short months. He is reading, counting and giving me school boy attitude. Also an achievement for me is only being late to pick him up once!! Anyone who knows me will appreciate this has been a challenge for me.

5. Unsuccessful Dieting - it's been another year of trying to eat well and not really managing it. I tried various things none of which worked or was sustainable but I'm encouraged that I've kept trying. I recently joined a slimming world group run by a high school friend of mine. I lost, I gained then lost again but I kept going. I was honest about my shortcomings and cut myself some slack.  I'm not one for resolutions but last year I focussed on my mental health which I'm pleased to say is in a very good place so this year I will be focusing on my physical health. I don't just mean food and exercise, I'm going to be exploring health supplements for my various ailments, trying to get more rest, making more of an effort with myself and of course an adequate intake of Gin! 

So that's it. It's been a pretty chilled year. Next year my focus is physical health, financial stability and free family days out. My blog posts will reflect this. Over the last year I have chosen not to write much as I was lacking inspiration. This year I am going to write about how we spend our family time, not the sugar coated version with smiling photos but with a focus on real parenting and the truth behind the smiling snaps. We are in the process of selling our old house so we are concentrating on tightening our belts to pay for 2 houses while it is on the market. We are going to try and do more free days out and I will be blogging about the places we go and what we get up to in 2016. Watch this space. 

Thank you to my readers, family and friends for giving me an audience for the last 5 years.
Happy New Year!

Wednesday 30 December 2015

Grateful for the Mess

I looked around myself on Dec 27th and I was surrounded by mess. Total chaos. Toys everywhere, sweetie wrappers lying abandoned in the corners of the room, several kids cups half filled with water on each available surface. My windows and patio door were covered in what only can be described as jammy handprint approximately age 2 sized. In my kitchen there were muddy paw prints all over the floor and a steadily growing freshly washed pile of clothes on the kitchen surface ready to be ironed or folded and put away. There were plates left in the sink from the hubby's dinner the night before that he neglected to put in the dishwasher. You wouldn't believe that on Christmas Eve, a mere 3 days ago, the house was spotlessly clean, tidy and clutter free.

Surprisingly though, as I looked around my house I didn't feel annoyed or resentful as I often do about the state of the place so quickly after I've worked hard to clean it. I realised that I am very lucky and I am very grateful for this mess, this chaos. I am so grateful that I have a house to make a mess in, a husband and children to make the mess, running water to fill our cups with, food to eat, money to buy toys for the kids to play with and clutter up my living room with. I am thankful that we have clothes to wear, that my dog is still with us and healthy enough to go outside and run around in the mud and that we are all healthy and together this Christmas. I know a lot of people who are struggling this Christmas due to losses in one way or another. I also know that these sticky handprints and muddy paws don't last forever so I must treasure them while I have them. I am grateful that I have what I have, even if it is a little messy.

I hope you all had a lovely, messy and chaotic Christmas!

Monday 16 November 2015

Keeping It Real

I do have a rather annoying habit of looking through Facebook and jumping on bandwagons. Someone is cutting up sandwiches into rockets with stars, planets and asteroids flying about the lunchbox, panic sets in, I need to be doing this! I am failing in my duties as a mother by providing my boys with a boring old tuna sarnie cut into rectangles. How dare I shelter them from a life filled with more exciting ways of cutting bread. Kids at school will laugh at them if they don't have a lunch box worthy of a Nobel prize for innovation.

I scroll through my newsfeed and I read shared news articles about how mothers who use their phones too much are psychologically damaging their kids because they are unavailable for eye contact and connection at every possible minute of the day. Shit, that is me. They are talking about me. Call me paranoid but they must know that I can't go longer than 10 minutes without checking my phone to see what all the more connected families are getting up too. Baking cakes, making puppets out of old socks, creating tornados in jars and generally not sitting on the couch, phone in hand while their kids tear each other apart due to the lack of continuous social interaction from their mother.

These are just a few examples. There are many, many more. Yes I am being a little dramatic and a bit tongue in cheek but it is quite a lot of pressure when the world of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can make you feel inadequate.

A dear friend of mine has posted a few beautiful family pictures on Facebook recently and alongside the photos, which on their own, could risk making a person feel inferior in the Pinterest Mummy stakes, she refreshingly wrote 'what the picture doesn't tell you is...' followed by a description of how I could imagine a cutting and sticking activity would play out in my own house alongside the hashtag #realparenting.

I've seen a lot of judginess on Facebook recently alongside quite a bit of unashamed bragging! What my friend wrote was a glimpse into the reality of life with kids and I found myself relating to the fact that the pictures that we post not only give others the (sometimes false) impression that our lives are rosy but also set extremely high and unachievable expectations for parents. Don't get me wrong, I partake in this 'let me show you how good I was today' photo posting as much as the next mum and what people post is their business, no judgement intended from here. What I do think is more concerning is what we or possibly just me, reads into that. It probably says more about my insecurities about my abilities as a parent than it does about what the intentions are of the person sharing their rocket sandwiches.

So I thought I'd share a few of our photo moments recently and shine the torchlight of reality on what was really going on behind the lens.

The 'They Just Love Each Other' shot - yeah they do BUT they will also step on tiny baby bunnies to be first in the sheet for a swing. The tears and snotters which preceded this picture was really something.

Yep, I take my kids to the park and just look at them. They love the chute, they adore the swings and you should see their little delighted faces as they are pushed round and round on the roundabout. Leaving is not fun. Leaving the park is the moment I dread from the moment I enter through those colourful gates of doom. I just know what's ahead of me. "5 minute warning darling, we are going to get John from school" I'm preparing him for the inevitable departure. "Time to go Jamie, lets go have fun in the playground!" NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Followed by dropping to the ground and grasping his little tiny fingers around the metal bannister of the stairs in a vice like grip. Removing him physically from the park is like removing a member of Greenpeace from a sit in. It's not pretty. It's always loud and there's usually a 'head shaker' from the school walking past at the time.

As a teacher as well as a mother, I often feel a heightened sense of pressure when it comes to the education aspects of parenting. Before JC started school in August I had daydreams about sitting at the kitchen table with my son, bonding over homework. rejoicing over the completing the word wall and laughing about the antics of Floppy and Kipper. Oh, My, Days. It's been nothing like that. It has been the hardest hour of the day since he started school in August. "It's boring!!" he screams "I'm not doing it!" he protests. "Yes you are, sit on your butt! I shout back. Why am I shouting? Why isn't bribery working? Why is this so bloody hard? I had to do something. I had to make an effort. I turned to my friend that is Pinterest and I searched for fun and active ways to teach sight words. The photos look great! Words on balloons, treasure hunts for key words, making words out of playdoh, writing them in shaving foam, creating a words car park for him to park his toy cars in. All of these are great and stimulating for a little livewire like JC but behind the photos, it's still a hard time of night, there are nights I can't be bothered being a teacher, I just want to be a mum.

Mutley Snaps
We recently had a photoshoot with a friend of mine who takes amazing photos of animals (Mutley Snaps). Ewan doesn't normally work with humans but thankfully made an exception for me. He had the privilege of seeing first hand the level of craziness that goes on behind great photos. My boys (in my very biased opinion) are very photogenic and beautiful but getting them to stay still long enough, look in the right direction and to make it through a photoshoot without tears is a real challenge. During the hour photo shoot, Jamie managed to fall into THE biggest mud puddle he could find. He was determined to run everywhere and was tantruming, refusing to hold hands when he took off, running like a mini Wallace towards his freedom. As we turned the corner,we found him.   He was lying, face first, flat out, in the mud. This wouldn't have bothered me if he was happy about it. He cried and cried and wailed and cried until I couldn't take it anymore. We had to abandon the walk and make our way back to the car for a clothes change. As it happens, I absolutely love the photos and you would never know by looking at these adorable snaps what sort of carnage had gone on behind the scenes.

Being a parent is tough. The photos tell you nothing about the heartaches, tantrums and failures but it's not all bad. We have a hell of a lot of fun, even when it doesn't go to plan and I wouldn't change our crazy little rockets for the world. I do think it is important to keep it real though and realise that if I'm finding that it is rather crazy behind the lens, I'm sure I'm not alone.

Sunday 20 September 2015

Letting Go

It's been about 7 months since I wrote my last blog post. I had got to the point where closing down the blog seemed to be the right thing to do. After much deliberation I have decided to stick with it but the plan is to refresh the look and revamp the writing. Letting go of the past is something I have been working on for the last 2 years. When I started this blog 5 years ago I started it because I wasn't happy. I needed to feel connected and it felt easier to connect to people online who were feeling the same as me. I recently decided to end my counselling sessions as I felt I had learned so much about myself and where I was going that I needed time to consolidate it all in the context of my life. I'm happy to report that I am doing fine. The need to blog lessened as the contentment grew until it got to the point that I really felt I had nothing to say but was enjoying being in my life rather than reporting on it. I've been glad of the break but I have missed the writing. So there will be changes happening over the next few months but I am excited to be back.

There is another aspect of change and letting go that I haven't discussed.

Our little Grumpinator started school. I can't quite believe it. The night before his first day I lingered a little longer at bedtime, stroking his head, kissing his cheeks and thinking with a heavy heart that I wish I'd embraced the early years more. I wish I had enjoyed him more as a baby. I wish I hadn't been in such a rush to see him meet his milestones. It's bittersweet of course because I am extremely proud of the young boy he has become and I am excited for him embarking on this next challenging stage of life.

As I dressed him in the morning before school the lump in my throat was almost visible. I held it together because I felt his anxiety and didn't want to add to it. A thousand thoughts travelled through my head that morning. Will he have friends? Will he know where the toilets are? Who will remind him to flush the toilet? How will he sit still for longer than 5 minutes? Will he drink the milk? Who will comfort him if he is sad or hurts himself? Will the teacher understand his little idiosyncrasies? Will he be polite and remember his manners? A thousand thoughts but the main one was really more about me than him. How will I manage when I miss him?

His loud screeching voice echoing through the house (usually when Jamie is napping) will become silent. The endless lego sets which are strewn across the floor will remain tidied away in their boxes. The fridge will no longer be raided and half empty by lunchtime. So many changes at home now that he is gone for six hours a day. Left in his place is JBoy who is moving into his next stage from baby to toddler. I'm sure he will keep me busy but at the moment the house is emptier and the conversation is only really centered around Fireman Sam and Octonauts.

Nevertheless, I have to let go. I have to let him become who he is going to be and accept that this stage is a beautiful one. Where the roots that we have sewn push through the surface and begin to grow. Where we catch a glimpse of that greenery of life beginning and marvel at its growth. It is the first of many growth stages. The first of many silent tears and lumps in throat and the first of many moments of pride for my baby who is now my boy.

Sunday 22 February 2015

365 Happy Days 6,7,8/52

I think the exhaustion of being ill just took over me the past fortnight when I went back to work. I didn't post my 365 photos or link up. So apologies but you are getting a 3 week run down! 3 more days will see an end to my first year in photos. I started my 100 happy days project a year ago and then extended it after the first 100 days to 365. I didn't think I would ever see it through. Possibly the fact that I didn't put any rules and regulations on myself has helped. I post to Instagram as it is easier and I settle for phone photos most of the time. As long as I take photos every day I am doing fine and when I get time to post I play catch up.

Here are my past 3 weeks...

Week 6

February 2nd
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February 3rd

February 4th

February 5th

February 6th

February 7th 

February 8th

Week 7

February 9th

February 10th
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February 11th

February 12th

February 13th

February 14th

February 15th

Week 8 

February 16th
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February 17th

February 18th
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February 19th

February 20th

February 21st
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February 22nd 
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Friday 6 February 2015

Are You Ready for Unexpected Guests?

My Shiny Sink

I am no domestic goddess. It is a well known fact that I have struggled over the years with my lack of care and attention to housework. The thing is, there are 2 breeds of people. Ones who are organised and  great at running a house. They naturally run a well oiled machine of a household. Everything has a place and everything is in it's place. Then there is my breed. I am the type of person who can be sitting on an average Tuesday and see a relative coming to the door uninvited and feel the blood draining from me. You see I'm not comfortable with my lack of cleaning prowess. I want to have a drop in friendly home it's just that it's not my nature to think about cleaning and tidying in a planned way. I am a creative, free spirited person who is often out and about and using my home as a crash pad between adventures.

As I see that uninvited guest approaching or as I get the phone call to say I'll be round in 5 minutes, I find myself scrambling to hide dishes in the oven and ironing in car. Since becoming a mum 4 years ago, I knew things had to change. I couldn't continue my hide my mess lifestyle like a shameful overeater who eats in the wardrobe then hides sweetie wrappers in their knicker drawer (ahem, I mean, who does that?)

Last year I read a blog article by a woman who calls herself FLY Lady. I liked her ideas around creating schedules and thought that this was someone I could relate to. I got a bit sidetracked and ended up forgetting about the website. Over Christmas this year I started reading again and I now find myself transformed and amazed but how easy it can be. I thought I would share with you some of the little changes I have made in the past 4 weeks which led me to the wow moment today. I opened my door at 9am on my day off to an unexpected health visitor who had come to my house to give my youngest son a visual assessment. I hadn't followed my morning routine to the letter as Fridays are our lazy days but my house was clean and tidy enough for me to open my door in my dressing gown to a complete stranger and invite them in. I didn't have to hide anything and I wasn't embarrassed. What a feeling!

It is the key for me to have a set routine. A time to do things in a day rather than firefighting every corner of the house or dedicating full days to catch up cleaning. Fly lady suggests that you have a morning and evening routine. There are certain things she insists you include but the rest of the routine is decided by you. What I find is that by going through these routines, my kitchen, livingroom, dining area and bathrooms are always tidy and clean. My washing and ironing is kept up to date and I am (excluding Fridays) dressed and ready to start the day. The main take home message is to do as much as you can the night before to prepare for the next day.
Here is my evening routine . . .

  • Clean up dinner dishes straight after dinner
  • Kitchen - Shine my sink, clean surfaces, put out a fresh dish towel for tomorrow, switch on dishwasher, dash round the livingroom with the hoover (we have a dog and 2 boys so daily hoovering is a must for us.)
  • If Steven is home one of us will bath the boys and give the bathroom upstairs a Swish and Swipe round after the boys are out then collect the washing from upstairs and bring it downstairs. The other is doing the pick up and put away anything lying around the livingroom, dining room, conservatory, 
  • Clear any hotspots (bottom of our stairs, dining table)
  • Put a load of washing on (set the timer to come on so the washing is finished for getting up in the morning). Take washing off the screens or from the dryer and iron if needed (I practice not ironing if I don't think it really needs it)
Tomorrow, Tomorrow . . .
  • Check the diary for tomorrow, write a to do list for tomorrow, make tomorrows lunch. 
  • Layout clothes, bag, shoes and keys for tomorrow. Think about tomorrow's dinner (do I need to get anything from the shop or take anything out of the freezer?)
  • I like to have my shower at night as it's hard to fit this in with the boys in the morning. 
  • Have some chill out/downtime then get an early night (in bed no later than 10.30pm)
This takes me about an hour at a leisurely pace to complete this but I go to bed knowing that my house is ready for tomorrow and so am I. My morning routine is shorter as I am organised from the night before. 

My Morning Routine

  • Get up before the kids (this isn't always possible but I try and get up at least 15 mins before them) 
  • Make bed, this usually means with the dog still in it!
  • Go to the bathroom downstairs, get washed, brush teeth, fix hair and make up, give the bathroom a Swish and Swipe, check towels and replace with fresh towel if needed. 
  • Get dressed, put shoes on. 
  • Fetch washing from the machine, hang it up.
  • Empty dishwasher (while the kettle is boiling for my morning cuppa)
  • Feed the dog, Sort my breakfast and cup of tea. 
  • Get the boys up and let the chaos begin.
From here on the house will become messy with toys and I don't get hung up on that. I am a mother first and always before a housewife. Mess from toys is fine in my book. I know that underneath the toys my house is clean and a 15 mins pick up and put away will clear my floor from the toys madness that my 2 boys create. When/if I get time in a day I set my alarm for 15 mins and tackle a cupboard/drawer to declutter in the current zone I am working on. Over the course of the month the zones rotate around. So it is a little and often approach to decluttering. I have completely decluttered my livingroom and hall as these areas were pretty uncluttered anyway. My next mission is my kitchen and that is going to take more time. I am confident that even if I could squeeze in 15mins, 3 or 4 times a week I could still make a huge difference over time. 

At the weekend I give my house a 1 Hour Blessing where I properly clean my bathrooms, give a big hoover round, clean the floors, dust all rooms, polish my glass doors (although I don't know why I even bother) and change the sheets in the bedrooms. 

I am trying to build in routines to my week like always cleaning out my car on a Friday afternoon when I come back from Nursery and cleaning my fridge on a Thursday when I get my food delivery. I like that you can take baby steps and you can just start where you are. You don't need to over think it too much. 

There is much more than this on The FLY Lady website. I am only getting started. If you are interested in finding out more about Shining you sink, Dressing to your shoes, Swishing and Swiping and House Blessing then check out the links. I can honestly say it is making a huge difference to my wellbeing. I have been off sick from work for 2 weeks and even through illness I have managed to keep on top of things with my hubby following the routines when I was really unwell. I am now on the mend thankfully and looking forward to keeping up the Fly Lady Lifestyle. 

Keep me posted if you try out anything or have any further tips. 

Thanks for stopping by!
This is not a sponsored post. I am writing about this from personal experience and have not been paid for my endorsement of Fly Lady.