Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Weaning Update

As I've mentioned before here I am adopting a Baby Led Weaning approach to weaning JC. It was actually the reason for starting this blog but the blog has grown, developed and diversified or the last few months.

Everything is going really well with weaning, he is now on 3 meals a day and loving his food. He is not really interested in much else other than blueberries and watermelon at the moment but I guess if he fixates on fruit that is a blessing!

The biggest change over the past month has been the development of his pincer grip. He can now pick up small pieces of food (blueberries, raisins, peas, sweetcorn, grapes etc) with his forefinger and thumb. It has been fascinating to watch this skill develop. What I love about this approach is that every mealtimes are not only fun but they are an opportunity for him to learn and develop his fine motor skills. It stimulates his curiosity about the world around him as he discovers new textures, tastes and smells. Here is a clip where he is trying to figure out what side of the melon is edible, the skin or the fleshy side . . .

Here is a clip of him eating blueberries, he's worked out how to pick up two at a time . . .

Overall, he's doing great and I'm really pleased with how the weaning is going. Now that he is 9 months and has two teeth there is so much more he can eat. A typical day for him starts with a whole wheat breakfast (bitesized shredded wheat is the current favourite) with blueberries of course! Lunch is usually soup or ricecakes and some sort of dip with plenty fruit and sometimes the odd Ella's Kitchen biscuit because he likes them. Dinner is whatever we are having which can be anything from Stirfry to Tikka Masala (Milder version for him but he does still like the tasty spices). We keep his diet as healthy as possible but we have given him the odd treat like some vanilla icecream, a bit scone or some delicious pancakes.

I am waiting for the fussy stage to start as from what I hear they all go through one.  Maybe with a little wishful thinking I will be lucky with weaning unlike sleeping as he will be a good eater as he grows up.


  1. Great post and love the videos. We did a tiny bit of purée for the first few weeks but gave her chunks of food too which she preferred. She is ten months now, has no teeth but its amazing what she can eat. The other night she had pork chops, cauliflower cheese and peas...amazing! Like yours she loves blueberries.

    Love your blog and great advice & tips for Mums considering bLW!

  2. Aaron LOVES blueberries. xxx

    Funny, our babies are sooooooo close in ages - Aaron's nearly 11 months and Would Like to Be at 10 months


  3. You inspired me to do this post:



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