Monday 20 June 2011

15/365 War Cry

JC has learned a new trick! We had visitors (JC's Auntie Lisa and his Gran and Grandad McLean) on Sunday and they taught him a new trick. He found it hilarious and can now do it on his own. It's especially entertaining in the car or the supermarket. It's all I've heard today - thanks Lisa!

It's been a tough day today and I am totally frazzled! Since he learned to crawl he has moved very quickly from crawling to standing to furniture surfing and he is getting very frustrated. He is also having small bumps galore as he explores his widening environment. Teething on top of that - his back molars would you believe! I thought he was too wee for those but you can feel them raising up under the gum.

I am back at work again for a few meeting tomorrow and I'm shipping him off to my MIL for the day so I am looking forward to some down time!

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  1. Awwww that's too cute bless him. Good luck with the teething. The first molars are the worst :( Thankfully MC has all her teeth now! xx


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