Sunday, 14 September 2014

We Chose to Love You

After some time when we had your brother, 
The question was muttered, "will they have another?"
Having our first born was something we'd planned
but having a second, well, your father had banned 

He said the thought of going through it again,
Would put fear in even the strongest of men.
but inside my heart was a voice growing stronger, 
Don't let him be an only any longer

Throughout my pregnancy I continued to worry
"How is it possible to love another" raced through my mind in a flurry. 
I needn't have worried for little did I know,
With each child you heart doubles and continues to grow  

Bringing you in to this world was an amazing feat
What a long wait but as soon as I saw you I felt complete
The voice within my heart shouted louder and true
and in that moment I realised that we had both chosen to love you. 

Although you brought so much joy to our lives 
In the first year it's a wonder how parents survive
through sleepless nights, colic and teething
Lying awake listening for you breathing

There was nothing more magical than feeds through the night
getting the chance for a cuddle and holding you tight
Losing myself in those eyes, deep pools of blue
your fingers gripping me tightly and feeling the warmth of you

A year on and my heart continues to grow
You are loved by all around you more than you know
So Happy Birthday to you my beautiful baby
and as they question "surely you are finished" I will simply mutter

Happy First Birthday Jamie Boy xx

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