Monday, 1 December 2014

Day 1 Buddy Blog: Buddy is Back

Our little elf Buddy, who filled our hearts with joy last year, made a return today. I usually fail miserably at 'super mum' like activities such as sensory baths and visits to ceramic cafes but this is one thing I seem to have managed to do right. 

I wasn't sure how John would respond to seeing Buddy again. I worried that he would be happy for 5 minutes then throw him down amongst the other teddies. I couldn't have been more wrong.

When I turned on the living room light and he squealed with delight at the sight of Buddy tucked up in Christmas covers under our tree, I knew it was more than just an elf.

It was IT. You know, The Magic. That moment of belief in something that takes pure faith. The magical part of Christmas that can't be wrapped in a paper or switched on at the plug to overwhelm the senses with dancing fairy lights. It's the part that takes you to that child like place where dreams are real and wishes come true, when families spend time together and laughter surely follows.

I think that's why Buddy is not just an elf to our family. He represents the joy of Christmas. John spent the day carrying him around the house, pointing out the changes since he left last Christmas Eve.

"Look at my big boy bed Buddy "
"Look at my new Spiderman Buddy"
"I pee standing up now!"
"Em, Buddy.  I'm really sorry to tell you this but... Ruby died. I know you'll miss her and sometimes I'm sad too Buddy but she's getting walks in Heaven so it's fine Buddy. I think  Jesus likes dogs because he liked cows and sheep as a baby. He liked kings and shepherds too."

Today Buddy brought 24 Christmas stories wrapped up, one for each night from now until Christmas Eve. There is an Elf door this year which is a new addition.  Santa will be posting activities for Buddy through the magic door. Who knows what else will appear?

I look forward to sharing this Buddy Blog with you. His antics are always entertaining to us and hopefully you'll love him just as much as we do.

Happy Holidays!

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