Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day 2 Buddy Blog: Elfing Sports Day

This morning we awoke to Buddy and his old friends up to their tricks. They organised some races. Panda and Santa were hopping around in a sack race whilst Buddy was beating Twinkle in the bauble and spoon race. The dogs were holding up the finish line ready for them to burst through. 

We also received some Santa Mail this morning. It was a Special Challenge for John to practice balancing his own bauble on a spoon at his Gran's house today. Unfortunately,  he decided to try this with the ceramic one he painted yesterday. Well we all know how that ended. With lots of broken bits of bauble in the bin. John also got right involved this morning by jumping into one of the sacks, hopping around, squealing and banging at 6.30am.  Thank god we are detached!

Buddy took in some outdoor activity today too with a spot of night swinging (that sounds totally wrong in a different context). 

Happy Holidays!

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