Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy 3rd Blogoversary

3 years! I can't believe that it has been three years since the birth of my Grumpinator Blog! What a journey we have been on together. Last year I did a round up of the year so I thought I would do the same this year. Thank you so much for supporting this blog by visiting, reading and commenting. Although I love writing, it just wouldn't be the same without an audience so thanks to all my readers!


In January I wrote a post about John Connor's toddler tantrums and the trials of being a working mummy. This was the month I found out I was pregnant so I was quite tired and ill for most of January. John Connor has made the months fly by during this pregnancy as I have been too busy dealing with him to focus every aspect of the pregnancy.


 I did the big I'm preggers announcement. We spent lots of family time together out on wintry walks and at the Fife Flyers Ice Hockey.  We love spending time together outdoors and I hope this is something we can do more of in 2014.

I wrote about the trials of being pregnant. I don't do pregnant very well, it's really not enjoyable and I am glad that I will never be going through that again now that our family is complete! Both my boys were worth it though!


This month saw me turn 30! Geez I feel old. I was so incredibly busy in April that it was the only month this year that I didn't actually manage a post! I was jetsetting to York with one of my best friends and to Benidorm for a hen weekend. It was a fab month and I was totally spoiled by friends and family. My husband took me to the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh for the night (a bucket list dream of mine!) and it was just perfect. I was too busy living to blog and I don't feel guilty for that!

It was also a month of extreme lows. My grandfather passed away, the first death in my immediate family and my friend's mum passed away the same week. It was a very emotional time for my family and I couldn't have got through it without the love and support of those around me.

I think at some point I should back blog this month because at the time it was just too raw.


My dear husband joined the 30 club. I posted this blog post about my JC's conversation skills. He has a really good vocabulary and was/still is obsessed by dinosaurs. I wasn't sure what to tell him about great granddad. He has an interesting take on death as you can see from the video here, brings a tear to my eye. This was also the month of successful toilet training!


 I wrote one of my most honest and raw posts in June about the fakeness of Facebook It certainly got the attention of my facebook followers and is the post I had the biggest response to this year. It was a pretty quiet month, getting sorted for my busy summer ahead and tying up loose ends at school.


July saw me bravely go on two holidays abroad (Gran Canaria and Czech Rep). We had a fab time and it was lovely to spend some quality time together as a family of 3. The only post I wrote this month was a post about breastfeeding. Funnily enough, someone on my Facebook page found this photo highly offensive so just for their benefit I'm posting it again . . . Enjoy ;)

August saw my little Grumpinator turn 3 and start nursery. I was starting to gear up for the new arrival in September. In preparation I wrote a birth plan. It did actually all go to plan, just not as quickly as I would have liked!


I gave birth to my second beautiful boy, Jamie Alexander Douglas McLean. 10lb 8oz of gorgeousness. I didn't manage to give birth to him on Friday the 13th, missed it by a day! I think his blog name should be Laid Back JBoy because he is so calm and chilled!

It was a pretty eventful birth story and it has taken me a while to recover from it. I am still dealing with issues surrounding the birth. I spent most of October in a haze! I'm dealing with PTSD from my post partum haemorrhage and I still don't like going in the shower. 3 months on and I'm still getting flashbacks, I'm hoping I can deal with that this coming year.


I wrote about dealing with colic, bottle v breast and post natal depression. For some reason it seems to have a grip of me again but I'm getting there! I'm working through my anxieties and worries and I know there is a brighter tomorrow. It's even more difficult this time round as people look at me like I'm crazy. With John he was such a needy baby that everyone could understand my low mood but Jamie is so chilled that people question how I can possibly feel down. I know all this but I'm not in control of my emotions at the moment. It's like living with a black dog constantly circling round my ankles with it hackles up. I am trying to tame him.


It's Christmas!!! Jamie's first Christmas but a difficult time of year with a new baby. I blogged about my top five achievements of 2013, feelings about my post natal body and about my new Kindness Blog Hop I intend on starting in January.

I really wish that I had blogged about our Elf Buddy who stayed with us all of December as he was so entertaining! Another back blog I think!

It's been some year! I haven't blogged nearly as much as I would have liked and I hope to remedy that this year. I hope to have a bit more time to blog when Jamie starts playing more and needing less of me in the coming months. I'm not making resolutions this year but I am focussing on two words . . .



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