Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I Am Perfect

I grew you inside me for almost 10 months. My body will never be the same. Some days I look in the mirror in disgust.
But to you I am perfect. 

Under my eyes are lined and shadowed from the lack of quality sleep. My hair is greying and thinning, showing a loss of those pregnancy hormones. 
But to you I am perfect. 

To you my eyes are comforting and reassuring. To you my hair is soft and familiar, the way it tickles your face makes you beam that magnificent smile. 

The fat around my tummy is soft and droopy. The stretch marks around my waist and hips are a fiery deep purple like motorway road map.
But to you I am perfect. 

To you my tummy is an exciting place to climb and a soft spot to land. To you the marks on my body are invisible and only serve as a reminder to me of the growing you did while inside me. 

The skin under my arms is paper thin and hanging. The skin on my hands is dry and cracked from constant hand washing. 
But to you I am perfect. 

To you my arms are strong, they rock you to a peaceful slumber. To you my hands are the perfect teether, the perfect thing to grasp during a night feed. 

I would love to see myself as you see me. I can only imagine that I am as beautiful to you as you are to me. Perfect. I made you, I grew you, my body nurtured you, it continues to. 

So each time I look in my mirror with distaste for the image I see, I'm going take a pause and think, only love today, 
because to you, I am perfect. 

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