Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Giving the Gift of Kindness

I tried to start a blog hop a few years ago on the subject of kindness but it didn't really take off. I'm trying again with a new sense of enthusiasm. I was inspired by the kindness of another blogger, CupcakeMumma, who spent the last year giving a gift each month to someone she felt needed or deserved it. I love this idea and it reminded me of the kindness posts I wrote a few years back.

I want to start this new year with kindness in mind. Kindness towards others as well as kindness to myself. I am trying to be a more positive person. When you live with a Black Dog as I do, positivity doesn't come easily and in order to show kindness to others you really must first start with yourself. Over the course of the next year I will be posting a Random Acts of Kindness post once a month and if you would like to link up you would be more than welcome. I will be choosing a person in my life each month to give the gift of kindness to but you can write about kindness in any form that comes to mind for you. Keep watch for my first post coming up this weekend and get thinking of ways in which you can bring kindness with you into the New Year.


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