Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Ordinary Moments - Couch Cuddles

I decided to link up with a fabby blogger who runs a weekly linky called 'The Ordinary Moments'. I like the idea of capturing the little things as I am trying to spend more time in the here and now.

Cuddles on the couch with my boys has to be one of the most ordinary but at the same time magical things about being a mummy. There's nothing nicer than snuggling up to read a book or watch a family film. I'm still breastfeeding my 3 month old so couch cuddles occur with 3 hour regularity!

It's the warmth, the smell and the feel that I love. I could easily spend a whole day just snuggling. JC is far too busy for that now and Jamie is becoming increasingly more active so would rather sit up and look around than sleep in my arms. I'm treasuring these ordinary moments where times stops long enough for cuddles as I am disappointedly aware that they come with a shelf life.


  1. Aww sleepy cuddles are the best!

  2. Sleepy cuddles really are the best thing ever, and they don't last nearly long enough - enjoy :)

  3. Such lovely photo's! Both mine are too wriggly for cuddles now and i so miss them! x

  4. Definitely make the most of every second - my 'baby' is now 15 months and hates being cuddled as she wants to be off walking and playing all the time. I love the sleeping baby and husband shot - very sweet. xx

  5. Couch snuggles are the best! And massive congratulations to you, I didn't realise you had a new bundle! Thanks for joining in. xx


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