Sunday, 9 December 2012

Grrrrumpinator - The Lion Tamer

I think this has to be my favourite stage so far. They call it the terrible twos but there is a wonderful side to it. 

JC has the most fascinating imagination and I could watch and listen to him playing with his little figures and toys for hours. He loves listening to stories and most of the 'scenarios' come from the books we read to him. 

Ikea are repeating their Annual Soft Toy Campaign again this year which means for each soft toy or children's book you buy from them between October 21st - December 23rd 2012, they will donate €1 to UNICEF and Save the Children. This will ensure support to worldwide education programs, ensuring more children around the world can go to school. As a teacher, this type of campaign is close to my heart. The campaign has been running since 2003 and so far has raised a total of 47.4 million! 

I love the toys in Ikea. I don't always take JC with me when I shop there because he would manipulate me into buying half the children's dept. The good news is that the toys are a fantastic price, with soft toys starting at £1. They have launched their new Klapper Cirkus and Vandring range of toys and books this year which I think are fabulous. 

We were sent the lion puppet to review which is only £3 to buy. It's a lovely toy which is made to the usual high standards that Ikea set. Don't let me bore you with details. Watch JC road test it . . .

We had lots of fun tonight trying to get decent video footage of him playing with the puppet. So much
so that even Dad got involved in the fun . . .

We were also sent a lovely book from the Vandring range called 'The hedgehog leaves home' (£5 or £3 for members) which is about a little hedgehog who is old enough to leave home and fend for himself. There are lots of dangers for a hedgehog like snakes, pine cones, hare poo, mushrooms and foxes so it's just as well that he has his friend the field mouse to help him. 

It a beautifully illustrated book and the messages of friendship, independence, overcoming adversity are wonderful themes to have in a children's book. It's also a chance for children to learn more about the forest and it's inhabitants. The characters in the book are available to buy as a soft toys and the forest theme and illustrations from the book are available as textiles such as bed covers a rug and curtains. 

We love Ikea as a brand and the fact that they are donating to charity for each soft toy or book purchased is super. There are an abundance of soft toys to choose from so if you are looking for some stocking fillers, head off to Ikea and bag yourself a bargain. By supporting this campaign, you are not only giving a gift to your own child, but to millions of underprivileged children around the world. 

Disclaimer - We were given the puppet and book to review but this is not a sponsored post and all views and opinions are honest and my own! 

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