Friday, 30 November 2012

Big Taste Face with Ella's Kitchen

I loved taking photos of JC when he was weaning. It was really where the idea for the name of my blog came from (The Wean Machine part anyway).

Ella's Kitchen have recently launched a competition to celebrate their 'Big Taste' menu. You can enter your favourite messy eater photo here for a chance to win a years supply of Ella's Kitchen products. Enter by midnight tonight to be in with a chance of winning (terms and conditions apply).

Ella's Kitchen have been working with a taste psychologist (which to me seems like the best job title in the world, ever!) who has discovered through scientific trials that there is a reason that babies and toddlers dislike brussels sprouts and like banana. Babies experience a much stronger taste than adults and the 'Big Taste' has given parents the opportunity to taste test these extreme flavours for themselves to try and enrich their understanding about weaning. It may be that your little one isn't simply being fussy after all! According to the research, babies are much more fond of sweet flavours like strawberry and banana and dislike the bitter tastes of some foods. I have to say that my JC must break with tradition as he is a big lover of sprouts and really can't stand things that are too sweet!

Ella's Kitchen are committed to understanding little taste buds so that they can create the best and most appealing food possible. Even as a avid baby led weaner, when I have had to use baby food to supplement a meal, for travel or as a standby, this is always the brand I turn to. I trust their ingredients and the love and attention that is poured into every product.
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