Thursday, 30 June 2011

Who the Hell am I?

It's been almost a week since Cybermummy and I am on a blogging strike! Initially when I wrote this post about CyberMummy I was full of the positives on the day and don't get me wrong I had a really good time. However, after having some time to process things I am feeling a little bit confused.

Who am I?

What is my Unique Selling Point?

Who is my blog audience and what attracts them to my writing?

Will my readers judge me as a sell out if I take on sponsored posts?

Does my blog name reflect my content?

Arrgh! The thoughts in my head are like a basket of snakes. I don't know the answers to any of my questions. I started this blog as a means of keeping a record for me and JC to document his growing up. I also started it as a way of venting my frustrations at not being able to talk to people because my Postnatal Depression has taking away my social skills.

The reason for this sudden crisis of confidence? Probably the overwhelming amount of information I was fed at CyberMummy. I realised during the event that I don't have a niche or set focus for my blog. But, do I need one? Is this really important? Surely if people are following my blog and am I getting regular comments then I must appeal to somebody?

I enjoy writing posts about my life, I like to tell people my views and opinions on things. I like to think of my life as a bit of a surreal comedy and hope that other people can look at my experiences and find some humour in them to brighten their day. Sometimes I like to write deep and meaningful posts that provoke an emotional response. I like to post up pictures, usually of JC being cute or the dogs. I like to take on the occasional review and sponsored post if I feel it is relevant to me. I like to make connections with other bloggers through taking part in memes.

So what is the point of this post? I want to know what you think? I am not looking for a pep talk or warm words of encourage (although these are lovely and I thank you for them)

 but I really want to know is

why are you reading this?


  1. Sarah MacFarlane30 June 2011 at 13:28

    I'm reading it because you're a real person. I can relate to you. You make me laugh, you make me think, you make me want to read more.  

    I'm pretty sure there isn't a magic formula, if there is it's bypassed me, what you get is what's in my head on any given day.

    Well, that's me and that's you and frankly, that's the way i like it!

    Keep blogging, I'll keep reading! x

  2. Thanks, good to know I haven't missed the point and I am not the only one
    who just enjoys writing and removing the contents of my mind
    and regurgitating my thoughts!


  3. I read your blog firstly because I'm your mum and I love you dearly, and of course updates on my grandson are always funny and of interest, but secondly because you're good at it :o) yes I know, I'm biased but as you know I'm also honest.

    You've made me laugh, cry, get on my soap box and you've got me thinking - sometimes all in the one blog post!  I'm so proud of the way you have bravely blogged about your PND and the problems you've had as a new mum, you've laid your soul bear to give hope to others who may be suffering in silence wondering what the hell is wrong with them.  I wish this type of support had been around when I was a new mum.

    You're passing on your knowledge and experience (most often earned the hard way) and to me is that not what blogging is all about.  The passing on of information and experiences be it funny, lighthearted, serious or informative so that others can smile, cry, understand and be reassured that they are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    As for sponsors?  Why would you not allow someone to sponsor you for using, advertising and promoting their products - it's called marketing and some companies have huge budgets for this sort of thing :o)   How many of us have wondered if a product was any good or worth buying and have taken to the internet for reviews and information?  I know most of us have and in my experience the best form of marketing is word of mouth so if you believe in a company, product or service and want to share your experiences about them with others and the company are happy to thank you for this by giving freebies or supporting your ventures then you go girl! 

    To summrise (because I should actually be working :o) 

    Am I biased - Hell Yes, Am I proud of you - Hell Yes, do I apologise for this - Hell No.

    So, who the hell are you?  A mother, A daughter, A wife, A teacher and one of the most forgiving and compassionate human beings I've ever known - I'd say you're well qualified to be a blogger!

    Love you
    Mum x

  4. I love reading your blogs, I don't read every one as soon as you post but I catch up on them probably weekly.  I read because I enjoy your style of writing and I find what you write about interesting. 

    After reading your Mum's post I can see where you get your writing talent from.  You both have a real way with words, infact your Mum's post had me in tears but I think that may be down to the pregnancy hormones - or thats my excuse anyways. 

    Keep up the good work Claire, I'd really miss your blogs if you stopped. 


  5. Don't worry about all that stuff....we don't all start with the intention of having a target audience...hell I was glad that anyone read my stuff at all.  Our blogs grow organically and attract like minded readers who can relate to us.  It isn't a contrived, planned out thing at all.  They said similar stuff at Blog Camp and I think that only a tiny minority were ever that calculating, planning niches and demographics of their readership.  Keep blogging for the reasons you stated....your blog, your rules!!

  6. Thanks! I feel better now knowing that I am not in the minority. I just can't be bothered with the whole blog politics sometimes. x

  7. Thanks Lisa, glad you are enjoying them! You have this wonderful world of motherhood coming your way and there is so much to look forward to. For me, it hasn't been easy or straightforward but I have found it so rewarding and it has changed who I am as a person. I am glad you are getting something out of reading my ramblings and there are many more waiting in the wings! x

  8. You are biased mum but I love you for it and it is obvious who I take my love of words from. x

  9. I knew I hadn't been reading or commenting much y it'd been so long.... 30th June WTF....Your Mum's comment made me cry and I am on a busy train to work...She writes just as eloquently as you. Now I know where you get it from. I read for that reason, and because you are witty clever and charming. Also we both have baby boys. But most of all you are a dear dear friend and I luv ya.Liska xxxxxx


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