Monday, 27 June 2011

A Huge First For Me

Yes, it is another CyberMummy post. Sorry, but it has to be done.

Last weekend was a huge first for me. It was the first time I had left my son over night. It wasn't like I had left him on his own to forage for food and drink milk from a hamster style drink dispenser but it was still a bit traumatic for me. I left him with his Dad on the Friday night after putting him down to bed. I got the last bus from Glasgow at 11pm and it got me into London at 8am. No, I didn't sleep. Sleep is impossible when you are seated next to someone who chats incessantly and constantly asks you questions about what a blog is, why I write it and expresses sincere concern for my safety and mental health that I am travelling to London to meet people I met online. I think she was contemplating phoning the social work department or at the very least, my mum voice her concern that I had been groomed online. On a serious note, for advice on protection against such risks check out Liska's sponsor 

When I got to the beautiful Hotel Andaz in Liverpool Street, paid for by my generous sponsor HotPants, I took a quick shower, threw on some clean clothes (including my Hotpants T-shirt, see my photo) and I raided the complementary mini bar to see what snacks I could pack in my bag (just in case I got lost or abducted in the big city, I mean, a girl's got to eat!)

I arrived fashionably late but was welcomed by lots of smiling faces who made me feel very welcome. I spotted my Mumentum cronies at the front and had fun tweeting them with a game of 'I Spy Grumpinator'. I really enjoyed listening to Sarah Brown but then I do have a soft spot for her auld man considering he is from my neck of the woods in Fife, Scotland.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur - barely time to breathe or take photos but there was time for wine (when is there not time for wine, it's practically my life source since JC started crawling).

Jays's photography workshop - Learnt lots of great tips! 
Tara - Blogger to Blogger Inspiration 

I attended Mocha Beanie Mummy's photography workshop and the blogger to blogger inspiration session. Both of which I really enjoyed. I also attended the session on Vlogging which I found to be extremely inspiring! Nick from My Daddy Cooks is a brilliant speaker, funny and entertaining. Loved the vlog he showed of him just starting out. Hilarious and refreshing! I bought his book and got it signed to me and JC.

My most emotional point of the day was listening to Nickie reading her post about discovering that her 13 month old daughter had Cancer and the events that followed her diagnosis. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. It made me want to hug my son a little closer and I found myself feeling so grateful for my sons health. It's not until you hear a story like Nickie's that you really get a glimpse into you and your loved ones mortality.

Me and NewMumOnline

For the after party and curry I changed into my party attire (changed my top basically) and had a lovely time chatting with my new friends and getting a little tipsy on the wine. I am proud to say (and Heather from SAHM-loving it is my witness) that I was last to leave the CyberMummy party. So I was the blogger who got the very last ticket to Cybermummy11 and I was last to leave the party, that says everything about me really - My blog should really be called Last Minute 

some of the #mumentum ladies

Wearing my sponsors T-Shirt

I would like to say a huge thank you to my sponsors, Zaggora - makers of HotPants for sponsoring my accomodation and my Mum - maker of HotStuff (me) for paying my train fair to get home.

When I got home my gorgeous boy gave me a huge smile, cried when I tried to then sit in the front of the car so I sat in the back with him. He held my hand the whole way home in the car and kept looking at me, just to check I was still there. He melts my heart. Enough said.


  1. Love the upbeat tone of this post - it's fab and I love the photos too.
    So cute that JC was so happy to see you.  I am terrible and always sit in the back with my wee man.
    On Thursday Aaron was in childcare and I sat in the front for probably only the 2nd time in a year.
    When I got home it was to see Aaron and hubby asleep in the bed next to each other and I slipped in next to them.
    As much as we missed them it was wonderful to have such a girlie day.  I always thought Vitality was good but this beats it hands down for the ultimate girls day out.
    I don't know what it would have been like if I didn't have you guys, so I am glad we have our group of girls xxx

  2. Mummyandthebeastie27 June 2011 at 22:55

    You certainly made the most of the workshops, I know I didn't. Fab pictures and lovely you had such a nice time. It was great to finally meet you too! Hope we all get to catch up soon :-) xx

  3. Hey Claire i love reading your updates! just to know other people are going through the same as i am makes me feel 'normal' I hated leaving Callum overnight and although he is almost 3 now i only just recently left him for 2 nights with my mum and it felt like Nickie's post too about her daughter and what an inspiration...i only hope i can be that strong if i ever need to. I look forawrd to reading your news...take care and *hugs* to JC x

  4. Zaggora Hotpants28 June 2011 at 09:19

    Fantastic post! - It was our pleasure to sponsor you and we would like to do it again next year! Hotpants are on their way!

  5. Great post.  It was lovely to meet you and you really were just like you come across in your blog.  The bit about meeting your online friends made me does sound a bit dodgy! However, I am so glad we have all met because now we are no longer virtual friends!! xxx

  6. A superb post Claire and once again it was lovely to meet you.  I'm SO glad I made sure your foot was last across that door to leave ;-)

    It's been so fab getting my thoughts on CM down and also reading everyone elses.  Here's to next year! x

  7. notyetayummymummy28 June 2011 at 16:07

    Fantastic post.  It was so lovely to meet you hopefully we'll get to see you again soon.  PS your son is gorgeous! x

  8. great photos, lovely post. I was so lovely to meet you. thank you for coming to the curry but thank you, thank you, thank you for my birthday gift. I was really very touched. 
    On reflection, my biggest issue with the day was not spending enough time with people, you very much included. By the time we reached curry we were tired, drunk, hungry, overwhelmed (delete as appropriate) (I think I was all of those things) yet everyone hung in there for a very late curry, I'm so sorry that I wasn't more sociable and thank you once again X

  9. You are 1000x welcome and thanks to you for being so welcoming and letting me attend your birthday curry. It was great to meet you! 

  10. thanks, I think he is gorgeous too but I am biological programmed to love him so I am totally biased! Lovely to meet you and bump! xx

  11. Yeah! Last out, so hardcore! Can't wait until our next reunion! 

  12. I actually can't believe how natural it all felt and how flowing the conversation was. I don't think there were any awkward silences which is just mad! Lovely to meet you and hope I don't have to wait a whole year to see you all again! Please someone sponsor us for a spa day! 

  13. Got my delivery email today so I am doing cartwheels! Thanks for being such a great sponsor and hopefully I will make it next year just so that I can wear that t-shirt again (although hopefully it will be far too big for me next year!) x

  14. Thanks Kelly! Nickie's story really hits home and puts things in perspective. I hate leaving JC with anyone and don't think that goes down too well with the relatives! I am just an over anxious mum in their opinion but I don't care. I didn't have him to let other people look after him! Great to know that you are reading my blog x

  15. It was lovely to meet you! I think you are as lovely in the flesh as the virtual you! x

  16. I felt a bit lost when I first entered the room. I couldn't see anyone I recognised and I actually felt like leaving! I felt so much better when I found you lot as I didn't feel so alone but I then had the confidence to go to workshops on my own knowing that you would be there for me on the breaks so thanks for that. Lets not leave it a year though, I might get Liska Hug Withdrawal! x


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