Thursday, 23 June 2011

18/365 A Good Blog Following

I logged on this morning and realised that I had lost a follower. It got me wondering what makes you follow someone? Do you actually look at the blogs of all the people you follow? Are loads of followers really an indication of a successful blog?

I have no idea who has dropped off my followers list so I guess it's not exactly a huge loss but I couldn't help wondering what I had done to annoy that person enough to cut me out lol! 

There are some people I follow whose blogs I check every day. I check these blogs out because they are not only great writers who capture my interest but they have become friends of mine through regular commenting on the blogs or chatting on twitter. Then their are other blogs who I check weekly, they are people who take part in the same linkys as me. I really love their blogs too and I like to read back over their week and catch up. Then their are the blogs who I added to my reading list a while ago but forget about. This is no fault of the actual writer, it might just be that I am a sloppy and lazy reader. If I see someone familiar on a linky I tend to go straight to that one. If someone comments on my blog I always try and go and visit their blog and show some blog love by commenting back. 

I have never actually deleted anyone though. There was obviously a reason for me adding them in the first place and I think that if I don't read them often at the moment, maybe I'll rediscover them when I have more reading time in the future.


  1. Sarah MacFarlane23 June 2011 at 11:46

    I've been thinking EXACTLY the same thing in the last few days Claire.  I linked up to a couple of the big blog hops and it was a mistake. First of all there was the insistance that you must link up to them and several others linked to them (which I duly did) but, the thing that I found the most disconcerting were some of the comments left on my posts. 'Following you from xxx - please follow back'. I don't think these people have even READ my blog, it seems to be all about numbers to them.

    I did take a look at their blogs just in case I was wrong but they seemed to be all about advertizing and blog hopping with like minded people.

    So yes, I'm guilty of unfollowing the big blog hops. That's not what I'm about, I like the little friendly ones where people actually take the time to read and reply.

    I also try (but sometimes fail) to read the posts of those I follow and, knowing how I thrive on feedback, to reply when I feel I have something to offer.

    I've identified so much with your last couple of posts I'm begining to wonder if you haven't taken up residence in my head lately! x

  2. Great minds must think alike Sarah! I used to get really excited when people followed my blog but now I am more interested in making connections and receiving valuable feedback.Which blog is yours? I've probably commented on it but will know you by your blog name. I love taking part in mumentum through newmumonline (she's my top commenter!) and Listography through Kate Takes 5. Small and friendly is so much nicer. x

  3. Sarah MacFarlane23 June 2011 at 13:04

    I love Kate takes 5 too and Rewinding at the Fibro and a new one called Write on Wednesday. The people that run those blog hops always take the time to read and comment on posts.

    I still love to have new followers but totally agree, it's the connections and feedback that I really appreciate.

    You can find me at rambling away about, well, pretty much anything that comes into my head really. x

  4. I love it when someone new pops over to my blog and I will always check out theirs, not to do the obligatory follow but to catch up on some of their posts and then comment and follow if I like reading. It shouldn't always be about numbers but really finding people who may be in the same position as you and a way of getting and giving advice! I love it that regulars will always comment on my blog but I will also comment on others who I follow that have never commented on mine. Someimes that can leave you feeling left out of a certain loop, but I will always comment if I like what I read. Shame someones decided to drop of your list though :(

  5. I'm not so good at the stats side of things. don't know how many people are following my blog and I don't get google friend connect at all! 

  6. Hi, I'm a new follower to your blog - I saw the link on twitter.  I'm new to blogging so don't understand the politics of following yet. I tend to click through links on twitter and then follow the ones that look interesting. I haven't unfollowed anyone yet :)

  7. Yeah!!Thanks for following! There are plenty of blog politics out there but most people are lovely and friendly! Welcome to the blog world xx


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