Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Three Word Gallery

Tara has asked us to post around a  Three Word theme for The Gallery. Hmmm, I found this tricky so I turned to pictures of Kaiya. There is always inspiration there.

She will literally sleep anywhere. I have witnessed her fall off so many couches, chairs and beds because if there isn't space for her, she'll try make room. She prefers to have some sort of cushion for her head whether it's an actual cushion, your knee or our other dog Ruby. If hubby and I are on the couch she won't go and curl up in in luxurious and empty dog bed or the empty couch. No, she squeezes herself between us, just because she can.

So my three word gallery is . . .

She Sleeps Anywhere

Body in, head out

It's really her bed, she just lets us sleep in it. 

She has on occasion shut her eyes in this position 

Using my pregnant bump as her cushion

Using Ruby as her cushion

She pretends to cuddle you then makes you so uncomfortable that you move and she gets your seat!

Camping - she slept inside the sleeping bag, not on the floor.

Her favourite cushion

I love it when she cuddles me when I'm sleeping


  1. Love it! I had a black lab who used to be the same........we were so glad he let us live in the house with him! LOL

  2. So cute x I love the head out of the basket x

  3. And those are just some of the ridiculous positions she gets into. We have one of Kaiya literally on Ruby's head, both sleeping!


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