Wednesday, 22 June 2011

17/365 Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder

They look more like flat pebbles than boulders these day and the tend to look towards my feet than straight ahead.

A lot of people in blog world are discussing breastfeeding this week. I breastfed JC until 6 weeks ago and I can't write about my problems as to be honest I was really lucky and I had a very easy time of it. Apart from low milk supply and a bit of Mastitus at the start, it has been relatively positive for me. I don't think I should write a post about how wonderfully great it all is because there is enough breastfeeding propaganda out there to maintain the mummy guilt and I really don't want to be adding to it. I am very much pro choice. I think everyone should try it and give it their best shot but if they find it's not working for them and they are not happy then I think a happy mum = happy baby and that you should always do what is right for you and your own baby.

So I am going to tackle the issue of boobs. I used to have nice ones. Yep, these are mine, all mine. My hubby took this photo without my knowledge a few years ago! Now that I have stopped breastfeeding they feel like empty sacks. It's awful. Other than my well washed, half falling apart feeding bras, I don't have many bras that fit me. My shape has changed so much. I really need to get them measured and fitted but I have never been happy with bras I get fitted (pre pregnancy). They always feel uncomfortable and too tight.

The reason I am posting this as my 365 is because I tried some underwear that I took out of storage tonight. I packed away all my nice lingerie when my boobs rocketed to an G cup during pregnancy and my little D's wouldn't keek. None of them fitted me. After trying on all the bras and bikinis and quickly deciding to bin them, I tried on a wee slinky camisole. I said to my hubby 'what do you think?' He laughed and said 'I didn't think you have gone THAT far south'. He continued to laugh obviously not realising how upset am I about my disappearing boobage and I am pretty sure that he didn't mean to hurt my feelings but it still feels rubbish.

My breast friends will never look the same again. Not without the help of a reinforced well padded bra.


  1. Sarah MacFarlane23 June 2011 at 11:32

    Oh Claire, I really do feel for you. I'm not sure that I'll ever learn to love the changes childbirth and age have made to my body but I am learning to accept them. I'm sure lots of people believe that you should rejoice and be thankful for what you have and while they may well be right that doesn't stop the little bit of me that says 'but I want it all!'.

    Men can be incredibly insensitive at times but I can also accept that it is impossible for them to understand how our self esteem can be dented by these changes and I'm sure you are right and that he would be horrified to know that he had hurt you.

    Pretty sure I should be following this up with some kind of rousing speach, I started off with the intention of cheering you up believe it or not :).

    I think, get out there and buy some really well fitting pretty undies that make you feel good about the body you have now. Splash out as much as you are able to because what's underneath really does matter too. (Oh, and throw away all the stuff that doesn't do it for you anymore) x

  2. Thanks Sarah! I'm heading out the the shops this afternoon so maybe I will try and fit in a fitting. The old stuff is already binned! x


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