Wednesday, 8 June 2011

4/365 A Grumpy Tea

As an outsider looking in, one might say that I am extremely lucky to have such a good eater. One thing you could never accuse JC of being is fussy with his food choices. He eats a huge variety of food and loves his grub. However, it's not all as rosy in the garden as it seems. He might not be picky with what he eats but he is certainly picky over how, when, where and how much he eats.

When he doesn't get his own way he can change from being an angelic little boy into a huff strop monster. He doesn't hold back in telling you when something is bothering him. Here are some photos of him from tonight.

Happily eating his dinner

Starting to get a bit grumpy

Moved up a level to moaning 

Moaning didn't work so lets try anger

Now he's really seriously annoyed!

So as you can see mealtimes can be difficult even for this wean machine. 


  1. LOL I could have done the same pics today, Miss Munchkin is teething. Not fun. HAve done some more recipes on the blog btw. Would love your opinion (and feedback!) x

  2. I love to read your blogs, i really do. Shows me just how normal neives behaviour is. Thanks!!

  3. Fab Claire - the pics of JC really made me laugh! x

  4. Cool I will check them out tomorrow, I love trying out your recipes xx

  5. Thanks Lyndsey! I think a lot of people gloss over the bad/hard bits but everyone goes through them to some degree or another. Neive is really coming on, she's a wee cracker!

  6. Thanks, these were all taken within a 30 second period believe it or not! He can be right stroppy at the moment. Eats what he feels like and once he has had enough his dark side emerges! X

  7. So so so funny - sorry I missed this post.
    Aaron's not a fussy eater either


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