Tuesday, 7 June 2011

3/365 Rolling in the Deep (Poo)

For months I found myself looking on in envy at others mums whose babies were rolling and crawling, thinking why is JC not doing that yet.Should I be doing something to encourage him? Well I take it all back. Please give me back my stationary child. I have been having a nightmare of a day with him today.

Picture this . . .

I smell that very familiar smell of a dirty nappy. I get the supplies to hand, ready to change that bad boy. I can usually tell by the preceding look on his face that it will be a messy one. With some protest he goes onto his back on his changing mat. I undo the tabs on the nappy and carefully pull it back trying to avoid the fountain of pee that often greets me at this stage of the nappy change. I look into the nappy and as expect, poo and lots of it. It's the kind that needs about 4 wet wipes minimum. I am just about to set about collecting it in the nappy with his legs in a turkey hold when an sly smile breaks across his face and he starts to roll. He squirms and rolls some more as I desperately try to avoid getting poo on my hands. Damn, his foot is in it. Oops, now it's all over the mat and he is lying on his front with it smeared all over his back and now front. He turns and gives me that smile again as he goes for another roll, this time aiming for the rug. He is giggling at this point, revelling in the chaos he has created. Loving the fact that I am in a state of panic in my attempt to keep the poo smear to a confined area. I fail. Out comes the Vanish.

Thank the Lord for Vanish and Anti Bacterial Handwash.

'This is gonna get messy' face

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