Monday, 6 June 2011

MuMenTuM - This week it's all about the protein

Our little #mumentum group is growing every week and the support on Twitter is fabulous! Liska set up this group to help us all lose our Mum Tums and have us looking and feeling our best. There has been some chat about people going OTT about Cybermummy and that losing weight for a conference is silly. I agree. Losing weight for Cybermummy is silly but Liska did not set this up for Cybermummy. She motivated us by using Cybermummy as an initial goal, something to look forward to and aim towards. I know that this group will continue long after the conference is over.  There are some #mumentum ladies who are not even going to Cybermummy! I just wanted to second what Liska says here that this is not about vanity and that we all have our own personal and important reasons for ditching the mum tum. The support from all the ladies involved is fabulous and just what we all need right now. Liska is the perfect person to host this linky as she is extremely motivating and supportive through her emails to us and her tweets. Thanks Liska! 

Every week a new plan. I have realised that this is not working and that consistency is the key. I have really enjoyed being diet free for a few weeks and I am loving the exercise. I didn't manage my exercise last week as JC had German Measles and I was kept extremely busy nursing him all week. I did stick to my meal plan though and I really enjoyed eating every carefully planned dinner. 

This week I have decided to focus on eating more protein and less carbs as I am feeling a little sluggish. So I am turning to the old faithful Slimming World to help me. I am doing a 'red' week which means I will be eating lots of protein (lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs) with oodles of vegetables and fruit. I started this yesterday and I can feel that I am less bloated already. I have signed up for my classes again this week. I fit this into my week by going when JC is in bed. My local gym runs a class every evening at 8.30/9pm so this gives me plenty of time to put JC to bed and let my dinner digest. 

So here is the plan this week . . . 

Exercise: 4 classes (Body Balance, Body Combat, Aqua jog, Zumba)

Health: drink a glass of water with every meal, 5 a day fruit and veg

Breakfast - porridge and fruit
Lunch - salad with ham and feta
Bacon and Vegetable Bake with mixed veg
Homemade burgers and salad
Bolognese and salad
Chicken Tacos
Tasty Beef stew and veg
Citrus Chicken and mixed veg
Tarragon Stuffed Chicken wrapped in bacon with mixed veg


  1. I love your sense of structure. You are brilliant at meal planning and fitting fitness classes into your routine. Keep this up and you will get sterling results you'll be really happy with.

    Thanks for reiterating what I was trying to say about Cybermummy.

    Lots of love and hugs wee hen!
    Liska xxx

  2. What a great idea, putting a mealplan in writing and setting it out here. Would love to see some pics of your food through the week ! I am amazed you manage the gym so often feeling sad I only go a couple times a week at most and then run a bit when I can.... will post my linky tomorrow x

  3. jessies_online6 June 2011 at 23:13

    You are very motivated to go to the gym at 8.30/9pm - just as everyone else is winding down!
    I try to plan meals at the beginning of the week but it usually lasts until around Tuesday!
    I hope JC has got over his measles now.
    Good luck for the coming week

  4. Oh I'm so impressed, you are so organised and I think that is the key to success...being prepared, knowing roughly what you will be eating, it makes a big difference.

    Your exercise routine too is just great, you are so motivated, as Helen said everyone else is just winding down for the evening then....I admire your determination and enthusiasm.

    Look forward to catching up with you again soon x

  5. Very organised and well structured. I'm way too haphazard!! xxx

  6. Sounds like a great plan so good luck with it. I think looking and feeling better has made me much more positive and happy and therefore a better Mum. Who says just because we are mums we should let ourselves go and not worry?Hope your little one is much better now x

  7. I will get my camera out next time I am cooking something! I don't always
    make it to the gym but I try to set SMART targets for myself (specific,
    measurable, attainable, relevant, timebound). I think that 4 classes a week
    for me is enough at the moment and manageable but I am lucky that JC sleeps
    so well and that my hubby is happy to stay home 4 nights a week in case he
    wakes up.

  8. Thanks! Hugs to you too xx

  9. It has taken a long time to get the meals right. It has gone horribly wrong
    before when I have planned too elaborate and time consuming meals or meals
    that I don't really enjoy. JC is much better thanks xx

  10. I always sleep so much better after I have been to a class. I don't always
    make it on the night I planned but I try and make sure I cover my goals over
    the course of the week. If I don't manage one night, I don't beat myself up
    anymore like I used to.

  11. I think it's the school teacher in me. I feel more secure when I am planned
    out. The hard bit is following the plan. It's easy to sit down and write
    about good intentions but it's a lot harder to follow it through in the
    week. xx

  12. Thanks, he is feeling loads better. I think we have to remember that we are
    a person as well as a mum and that it is important to have high self esteem
    and a healthy attitude towards diet and exercise. You are so right, a
    happier mum often equals a better mum.

  13. Mummyandthebeastie8 June 2011 at 17:31

    Oh my goodness Claire you do so much exercise! you are super dedicated and I am envious of that. I really need to start doing a food plan, I keep going on about it and then it never gets done. The key is to be organised for sure. You are definitely a motivator for us all! :-) x

  14. Wow, you are dedicated 4 exercise classes. Good for you, I hoe the week is goign really well.

    I had no idea people where saying about Mumentum and cybermummy, I did not even link the two.

    Weight loss is a big decisions and has to be for you, not for a conference.

    Mich x


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