Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Gallery - Trees

This week's Gallery theme is Trees. Here is my entry . . .

This is YaYo, my Dad's cat, taking in the spring sunshine on her favourite branch.

but I couldn't resist putting this one in because I love it! It is Steven and I on our wedding day surrounded by trees in the garden where we got married. 


  1. I'm a little biased, but the wedding picture is the nicest :0)

  2. I missed this on Wednesday, did you post it late? The wedding picture is GORGEOUS! Love the cat looking out too though :) xx

  3. I have actually just linked it up. I forgot to do it yesterday and I've been out all day today! I have been so bad with my blog deadlines recently.Glad you like the photos though x

  4. the wedding's stunning and the spring blossoms = wow


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