Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Listography - Retro Sweeties

Kate's Listography this week is the top five sweets I loved when I was young. Here is my list for this week .  . .

1. Sherbet Fountain - This was a tough decision, either a fountain or a DibDab but I love licorice so the fountain won.

 2. Black Jacks - loved that they made my teeth black!

3. Irn Bru bars, sent me hyper but I loved them.

4. Laffy Taffy (these are American and my Dad used to bring them back for me when he worked over there)

5. Soor Plooms (used to buy a quarter of these from the wee shop next to the Picture Hoose in Kirkcaldy, ah the nostalgia)



  1. This post brought back memories when I used to go shop with 50p and think it was loads of money and stand there putting 50 1p blackjacks into a bag. :) x

  2. I used to love going to the shop and getting a 50p mix up. Can't beat the penny sweetie!

  3. Iron Bru bars? Now there's something that my kids would definitely be barred from!
    (BTW - thank you for your lovely comment on my other post - lovely!)

  4. I remember Irn Bru drinks very well because my Dad used to work at Barr Soft drinks so we had a cellar full of the stuff! But I don't remember the bars though? Bet they were delicious!

  5. I only knew about IRN Bru the drink x

  6. I only knew about IRN Bru the drink x


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