Monday, 14 March 2011

Brother Max 3 Combi Bibs

I bought this pack of 3 bibs last week and I felt I had to write a review about them because I really like them! It comes with a crumb catcher that studs onto the bib. There are 3 in the pack which can be changed (one for each meal time). The reason I bought this was because JC really needs to wear a crumb catcher while his motor skills are developing but the Tommee Tippee one really hurts his neck as it is all rubber and digs into him. I wanted the combination of the soft upper bib with the practical wipe clean crumb catcher.

I also like the fact that the bib (and some cutlery) can be wrapped inside the crumb catcher and the studs close it up like a little travel case. The soft bib part washes really well (even Spag Bol on Friday night didn't leave any stains!). They are machine washable and can be tumble dried. The back of the soft bib is plastic lined so it prevents any wetness seeping through to the clothes underneath.

You can buy these from Amazon for £6.99 with free delivery. You can buy extra bib attachments (which come in packs of three) for £4.99. Click here for a video demo on Amazon.

I was not paid and did not receive any products for writing this review, I just really liked the product.

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