Monday, 21 February 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike  . . . 

image courtesy of Campus Gifts
Yesterday was such a lovely day! We went to my Mum and Kev's for a wee visit in the afternoon. This is Grumpinator on his wee bike that he got from his Gran and Grandad Duncan for Christmas. He loved being pushed around the livingroom on it and pressing the buttons on the dashboard.

My Mum also has a nice wee surprise for me. After reading my blog about The Brightside gifts she had bought me the first two on my list (the notebook for list writing and the bookmark). She also bought me this lovely wall plaque for my kitchen. She said it was because I've been feeling pretty low recently (PND) and needed a wee pick me up. It was a lovely end to a pretty shitty week, so thanks Mum (and Kev).

Another couple of firsts for JC this week, I think. He has been saying mum-mum mum-mum for a while now but not really aimed at anyone. He just yells it when he wants attention so I guess it's mostly aimed at me. On Saturday he was sitting in his play ring and he looked up at his dad, stretched out his arms (in the typical lift me way which was a first as he had never done this before) and he said, clear as a bell 'mum, mum'.

Later that day, my MIL was visiting and she was holding JC. He stretched out his arms to come back to me and said it again 'mum, mum'. What a lovely feeling, made me go all goosepimpley!

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