Monday, 7 February 2011

Wishful Thinking!

Kate Takes 5's listography for this week is 'Things I'd Love This Valentines'. Scuba Steve and I don't do Valentine's Day :'(

Before we got married our unofficial anniversary was in March so we didn't see the point in celebrating twice so we just dropped Valentines Day. I know its bag of commercialised shite but I can't help looking longingly at all the red and pink lovely things in Asda when I pass the seasonal aisle! I used to wonder why my parents never celebrated it when I was young and I remember pestering my Dad to man up and be romantic. There must just be a point in a relationship when romance flies out the window and is replaced with common sense and a healthier bank balance.

Anyway, in the spirit of Listography, here is my top five things I would love this Valentine's Day . . .

I absolutely love the range of gifts by 'The Bright Side' they are so quirky and most definitely me! Here are a few example of things I like from their range . . .

It's a running joke in our house that I am always writing lists!


I am also a very keen reader

I am also a terrible hoarder and I love keeping things in boxes and driving Steven mad with the sentence 'I'll put it in a memory box'. I don't own a memory box! I like this one though!

Images courtesy of this Rustic Angels
and Campus Gifts

4. You can never go wrong with lovely flowers and I love lilies and carnations! My friend Fiona bought me these lovelies last year when I went on maternity leave . . .

5. Lastly, you can't beat a good chick flick! I missed this one at the cinema as I had just given birth to Grumpinator when it was released and that was at a time when he was certainly living up to his nickname!
image from Amazon

Great list this week Kate!


  1. ha ha! love it. First time I've read your blog. I'm going to do a list for valentines day too! I'm a proper list writer but I never use them.
    JoJo x

  2. Wow you were quick off the mark - bet you've had them in your 'I want' queue for awhile! Love The Brightside gifts - good tip! Thanks for linking up. x

  3. I really want your number 1!
    QWERTY Mum xx

  4. Love the Brightside stuff - Think I'll be hopping over to their site to drool :) x

    Metal Mummy x

  5. @JoJo I never actually use the lists I write either. I just leave them lying around on my bedside table and my kitchen which my other half finds really annoying.

  6. I so need your Number 3. AND it's gorgeous!
    Great list!!

  7. I really want your number 1!
    QWERTY Mum xx


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