Monday, 21 February 2011

Fill in the Blanks Friday (except it's now Sunday but I'm always late)

I'm always late for everything. Even my wedding. I wasn't late in giving birth but then I didn't have much say in that. I have seen this meme popping up all over my favourite reading blogs since Friday and I am just catching up tonight. So I have joining in this friday fill in the blanks meme which started over at the little things we do ...

I am a first time mum, a wife, a friend, a dog lover, a wedding singer, a bookworm and extremely tardy.

The bravest thing I ever done was get married. Not because I don't love my husband to bits because I do! But because I had lost all faith in marriage after the break up of my parents marriage and many of our friends and family who had relationship breakdowns in the run up to our engagement and wedding. I didn't think I'd ever get married because I was so scared that it would end badly but I've taken a leap of faith.

I feel prettiest when I have that 'head over heels in love with my son' look on my face, like in the photo above. (I've seen this one come up a lot on other people's Fill in the Blanks blog, it must be a common occurance!)

Something that keeps me awake at night is worry and anxiety that I am not getting this motherhood thing right. Blogging is what is keeping me up tonight but that's OK because it's my therapy!

My favourite meal in the entire world is haggis balls in a whisky cream sauce to start, chicken stuffed with a garlic and cream sauce wrapped in pancetta with maple roasted parsnips for main, sticky toffee pudding and toffee ice cream for dessert and of course a nice cup of tea and some tablet to end the meal calorifically!

The way to my heart is by being honest, open, kind and making me laugh until I snort and my belly hurts.

I would like to be a better friend and spend quality time with the people in my life who make me feel good. I would also like to be the best mum I can be but then that goes without saying!


  1. It's so true about the glow the love for our sons can give us.

    I love the whole post and in particular the "I would like".

    Thanks for reading through my blog. The memes are addictive aren't they :-)

    Liska xxx

  2. Yeah totally addictive but then if we didn't join in we wouldn't meet anyone so I guess it's a catch 22! This was a fun one.

  3. Really great answers Claire(keep the faith!), and thanks for the email earlier on, much appreciated. Hope you have a good week ;o) x


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