Saturday, 30 August 2014

High School Sweethearts

When I was 13 I met a really annoying boy in my mentoring group at high school.

At 15 we ended up in the same drama class and became best of friends.

At 17 we developed a crush on each other and decided to try out being a couple.

At 18 we moved away to uni together and he supported me through some tough times.

At 19 we got engaged in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

Distracted by uni and teaching jobs it took a us to 23 when we set the date and we bought our first house in Airth.

At 24 a precious fur baby called Ruby came into our lives and stole our hearts followed by the pooch that thinks she is human, Kaiya.

At 25, 6 years ago today, I married that annoying boy.

At 27 we had our first beautiful baby boy, John Connor.

At 30 we had our second beautiful baby boy, Jamie.

It's been about 18 years since I first laid eyes on you and we are 6 years married today. We have been together through many highs and many lows and we still manage to keep the spark. It's not always easy as marriage takes a lot of hard work but it's worth it. I love you up to the sky and down again. Happy anniversary xx
Don't know why I was growling at him. We don't take ourselves too seriously

Our Wedding Guests

17 and heading out to the school disco

Our honeymoon in St Lucia

My special birthday meal on the beach

Our first born - John Connor

John's First Swim

Family Portrait John Aged 1
Family Portrait John aged 2

Holidaying in Gran Canaria

The birth of our second boy, Jamie
Family Portrait - Jamie aged 10 days, John aged 3

First proper outing as a family of 4 to Deep Side World

We scrub up not too band

Jamie's Naming Ceremony

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