Saturday, 23 August 2014

Being a Mum to 2 Boys, Embracing Blue

You know you are a mum of boys when . . .

You have to negotiate around obstacles that they have set up around the house such as belt trip wires dressing gown tie door handle traps.

The seat is never down and cleaning the toilet is now a 3x daily occurrence.

You sigh when people ask if you are going to try and make your next one pink.

You sigh even deeper when people say the old adage 'a son is a son till he takes a wife'.

You know all the names of all the superheroes and you know the difference between James, Henry and Thomas. James is a miserable git.

Your fridge is never full, even though you fill it daily.

Your heart melts when you are given a posy of daisies.

Nobody can ever speak to you on the phone during the hours of 7am - 7pm due to the overwhelming noise of screaming, shouting and whining.

You know how to correctly pronounce Ninjago and Bakugan.

The back seat of the car is littered with odd socks, crumbs and jam like sticky marks.

You threaten having to go to hospital daily when negotiating with them to get down from terrifying heights.

 Talk about poo and farts replaces polite dinner table conversation.

You are not fazed when you walk into your livingroom and your butt naked boy is using his winky as a sword.

Everything can be a sword. (see above)

You have stopped the car randomly at the side of the road to look at horses and construction vehicles.

You have rediscovered nature. You now know more about living things and science than you did when you were in school.

Your life is complete and you are starting to think that pink is overrated.

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