Monday, 2 June 2014

Ditching the Contracts

I have been on a contract phone since I left school (which was a wee while ago, ahem). Recently I've been thinking about changing my contract to try and reduce my monthly outgoings. Being on Maternity Leave is a drain in money terms so any savings are a bonus.

Strangely, after looking at Pay as you go on Three deals, a few days later I was asked to review a pay as you go mobile phone with a 3 sim card.

Nokia Lumia 520 was what I was sent. As a handset it's not an overly expensive one. You can buy one from  around £80 and for the money I think it's a great little phone. The phone I received was in Cyan colour making it fashionable looking, a look that would appeal to a younger person too. It works with a Windows phone 8 operating system which took me a while to adjust to but it's very simple to navigate. It has all the functionality you would expect from a budget smartphone.

The main use for my phone (other than texting and phonecalls) is to take pictures. This worried me slightly as I wouldn't want to compromise on the photo quality too much. I was pleasantly surprised. It's not to the same standard as the most recent iPhone or Galaxy handset but with 5 mega pixel it takes good photos and you can download great photo editing apps.

I really liked the little touches such as being able to link your lock screen photo to your Facebook albums so it will show you a different screen saver every time you pick up your phone. I also like the radio mix option which creates a personalised station based on your favourite artists.

As for the contract, I was most impressed.  For a £15 top up you get
* All you can eat data
* 300 mins
*3000 texts
* Lasts for 30 days.

This type of price plan is perfect for me. I don't text or call even near that amount and mostly use wifi or 3g for messages through WhatsApp.  I will be switching to Pay as you go on Three once my contract is up (which is roughly the same deal but a steep £38 a month!!).

I currently use a Galaxy S4 so I may have to compromise on the quality of handset or pay more than I would with a contract but after seeing what I can get for less money, I am pleasantly surprised.

I received a handset to review and a PAYG sim card but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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