Sunday, 25 May 2014

100 Happy Days

To be honest, I didn't blog about doing this because I really didn't think I would do it. Like pretty much everything else in my life, I thought I would start it and be passionate about it for a few weeks only for my enthusiasm to wane and eventually give it up a few weeks in. But hey! I surprised myself. Tomorrow is my Day 100 and guess what? I am pretty happy.

The point of 100 happy days was not as some Facebook trolls suggest, a means of bragging or attention seeking but a way to point out the little things in life that make me happy everyday. What I have learned in the last 100 days is pretty profound. I have realised who makes me happy, where my joy lies. I have learned about my priorities in life. Looking back on my phone photos each night was an interesting process. Weeding out the dross in my mind and replacing it with an image that encapsulates a moment of happiness has provided me with a more positive outlook on life.

When my friend Angela posted on Facebook about the project I was a bit sceptical about whether this would a) last and b) make any difference to my mood. The space of time between giving birth to Jamie and starting the project was a difficult time. Not because of any mental health issue this time (thankfully) but just because I was feeling bogged down in that new mum territory where all I do is lose sleep, change nappies, feed children, clean up mess, discipline my 3 year old, shout, swear, shout some more, feel guilty, beat myself up a bit about being useless, feed them again, clean again, feel undervalued by my husband who comes in from work to the chaotic mess that I have tried so hard to prevent all day.

I had lost sight of the light. One of the most prominent lessons I have learned is that even on the darkest days there is always light. You might need to try a bit harder and look a bit closer to see it but it's there on the horizon. I look into the eyes of my children, the warmth of touch from my husband, the sunset or rise, the ways the clouds move, the unconditional love of a pet, the acceptance of family, the closeness of friends, the escapism of music, the taste of a favourite food and the wonder of life as a child would see it.

That is where my joy lies.

I am happy. I love and I am loved.

Here's to the next 100 days . . .

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