Saturday, 16 February 2013

Fife Family Fun

I am always trying to give JC new experiences and develop his interests. At the moment, the main interest is Ice Hockey. He is only 2 and a half and already he follows his local team, Fife Flyers. He loves spending time in the arena, checking out the Zamboni (the big ice cleaning machine), watching the figure skating, schmoozing with the ice hockey players and sourcing snacks from the vending machines and cafe. We will usually take him to a game if its a Sunday as the Sunday games start earlier. He sits screaming 'Go Flyers!!!' at the top of his voice.

What I love about Fife Flyers is that it is an institution steeped in history. The arena itself is old and weathered but that all adds to the charm. It maybe doesn't have the pizazz that the Odyssey arena in Belfast has but it makes up for all that with the passion of the crowd and the family friendly atmosphere. The Fife Flyers community is like one big family. My hubby gets annoyed at me because in honesty, I very rarely watch the game. I'm all about the atmosphere and the people watching.

I have been going to games since my hubby and I started seeing each other when we were 16 (about 14 years ago) and in that time I've seen babies, wrapped tightly in blankets, soaking up the atmosphere, toddlers running around the rink with the parents chasing after them desperately trying to catch some of the game. Young children playing hockey, fully kitted up, at the bottom of the stairwell, teenagers spending time together in a safe environment  giving them something to do on a Saturday that doesn't involve drinking or causing mischief. Older teens and young adults meeting up at the rink prior to a big night out on the town, dressed to the nines underneath a hockey top which is the only thing keeping the scantily clad warm. Then there is your middle aged, geez oh that would be us! The die hard fans who have a passion for the game and a love of the club, often bringing along with them the next generation of flyers fans. Lastly, there are the golden oldies. I love watching them, they sit with their cosy blankets on their knee and a flask of tea. Quite often they bring snacks and they are often willing to share.

My hubby is directly involved in the club as he runs their website and I'm very proud of him. The future of Fife Flyers is so important to him which by proxy makes it important to me. I'd like to take this chance to encourage you, if you have never been to a Flyers game, give it a go. I promise you that you won't be disappointed and your kids will love it. There is something there for everyone. If you are not a Fifer, support your local ice hockey team. It's a great sport to follow and the players are excellent role models for our children. Ladies - there is plenty of eye candy too!

I'm running a giveaway for free tickets to a Flyers game in the coming weeks so watch this space!

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