Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Shoe Dilemma

You can tell a lot about someone from their shoes. I'm visiting my new school tomorrow and I'm trying to decide which shoes I should wear. This first encounter is important as it sets the scene for the rest of my time there.
I'm wearing a dress, mid length, a bit schooly but not overly so.

Do I go for ...

The flipflop- my most frequent choice of footwear. Really reflective of my personality, laid back, relaxed and short.

The dressy wedge- a bit of bling and gives me height but maybe a little too dressy?

The church shoes- very office/schooly, the conservative look. Thing is, it's not technically a work day, I'm only visiting and personality wise, I'm not exactly conservative!

Thoughts and opinions are welcome!


  1. flip flops all the way!
    Good Luckx

  2. Ohh nice dress, what did you go for?  I would have said be you - the flip flops.  Hope it was a fab day.  Mich x

  3. So which ones did you opt for? x

  4. I went for the middle pair! I didn't end up wearing the dress as it was pouring with rain so my shoes didn't matter much under trousers anyway. I'll be rocking the flip flops in the new term though! Xx
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