Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ditching the Driftwood

It's my last day at work tomorrow before I head off to greener grass next term. I have to say I'm feeling a mixture of emotions from anxiousness, uncertainty and sadness to excitement and hope. I didn't think I was someone who clung to people and places. As a student I was always moving on. Flat to flat, courses to courses, part time job to part time job. I was never in one place for very long. However, since I have grown up a bit and become more settled these part few years, I have also become somewhat sentimental. 

I said goodbye to JC's child minder today. She has been fantastic over the past year, a real support to me. She has gone out of her way (or should I say beyond her job description) to cater for us and she has really brought out the best in JC during the time he has been in her care. We bought her some chocolates and I put JC's photo in a frame with a nice little poem. Something along the lines of 'we knew the day would come when we would need to part, but I'll always have a piece of you in my heart'. Something soppy like that! I usually cringe at things these kind of sentimental slogans but I found myself shedding a little tear.

It's the right time to move on. JC is going to be looked after by my friends and family now that I am living and working closer to home and I know that he will be loved and cared for. I know that despite the fact that I will be working more days, I will be travelling less hours and I will hopefully really enjoy the new challenges ahead.

At the moment I find I am clinging on to the nostalgia and sentimentality of the routine, the norm and the familiar. I need to let go a little and adopt the perspective that life is never fixed. It isn't a stagnant pool of water but an ever flowing river. I should stop clinging to the driftwood and just let go and enjoy the rapids.  

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