Sunday, 24 June 2012

A 366 Catch Up - A very busy month!

I haven't been blogging recently. Took a little break to regain some energy but I didn't stop taking photos. I didn't want to abandon the project altogether although I am struggling to maintain momentum. I want to share my 366 posts that I haven't published but rather than flood the blog with back post I have decided to put them all in one post.

Day 155 - 175

I was very impressed with my Fathers Day creation!
A sweetie bouquet!
I put it together myself, even more impressive!

The 'It Wasn't Me' Face

Lovely Bubbly

Modelling Behaviour

Horsey Horsey 

Faster Mummy!

A round of golf anyone?

I'm not sure about these bubbles!

I am cool, even at the dinner table.


Having a nap

Kaiya - the cuddliest dog in the world

If I curl up into a little ball, she won't see me and
I won't have to get up from my nap!

Scream if you wanna go faster!

Pretending it's bedtime at Gran's house.

Get off Gran, it's my turn!

My mum's new allotment, freshly sown.

Flowers from hubby after a very tough week.

JC with his laptop - just like his mummy!

Visiting Dy on his birthday in his new care home.

The Flame!!

I'm linking this up with The Boy and Me's 366 linky. Click the badge for more photo fun!

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  1. think the dog is big enough to use as a horsey not poor mummy. love the sucky blanket, mine use to have them as well - they get quite disgusting sometimes, and I like his grass cutting to help daddy

  2. What a lovely week full of fun!

  3. Verrrry cute set of pics there. I absolutely love the 'It Wasn't Me' face and I'm pleased to see mine aren't the only ones who don't like getting up from their naps :)

  4. Great photos, my fav is horsey horsey, looks like you were having fun x

  5. you, this blog post, and this blog are so so lovely x

  6. Lots of lovely images there, hope things settle soon for you x

  7. Love the 'It wasn't me' face.

    Thanks for linking up


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