Monday, 2 July 2012

Mouthwatering Monday - Week 1

I meal plan every week, not always on a Monday! It started as a bit of a habit from the various diet clubs I have attended over the years but now it has become just another routine that helps family life seem a little less chaotic. If I know what is going to be on the table each night and if I know that I have the correct ingredients in my cupboard and fridge to make each meal, I am filled with a certain comfort.

This is my first meal plan that I am linking up with Mrs M.

Monday - As I write this I have already enjoyed tonight's dinner. I use this Netmums recipe for my Beef Stew and I love it. It's super easy, filling and cheap. 

Tuesday - I cook a very basic stir fry which is actually more like a chow mein. I fry the chicken in sesame oil, throw in a stir fry pack (usually edamame bean as that is Grumpinator's favourite) with a little extra sesame oil. I stir throw the cooked noodles with a little soy sauce. Sometimes I might add a packet sauce but I prefer it as basic as possible. 

Wednesday - We go to my Mother in Law's for dinner on a Wednesday. A nice mid week break from the cooking!

Thursday - Shop bought fishcakes, no effort involved! I can cook my own and I have but I am all about the saving of money, time and energy at the moment. I will serve the fishcakes with some baby corn, mange tout and potato wedges.

Friday - I love salmon as does Grumpinator! The honey and Chinese 5 spice glaze is another Netmum's favourite, it's so simple but a very delicious meal. 

Saturday - I have bought a gammon joint and I will be using a recipe from my favourite recipe book by a fellow blogger, Nick from My Daddy Cooks. It's a tasty honey glaze with a pea mash. 

Sunday - is a day of rest so if I can't convince my step dad to have us over for a roast chicken Sunday lunch, I will buy a cooked chicken and cook the trimmings. You can't have a roast chicken dinner without a wee chipolata sausage or two and some thick gravy. YUM!


  1. All looks yummy to me :-) I keep meaning to add  'My Daddy Cooks'  to my birthday/Christmas wishlist as he appears on lots of meal plans :-)  I must write mine out like that too as have to keep checking my blog to know what I am cooking!!! x

  2. Mmmmm... I particularly like the sound of Wednesday - not having to cook is heavenly!

  3. Ooooh all sounds yummy. Can I come for dinner? x


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