Saturday, 25 February 2012

Friends Are Like Flowers

Friends are like flowers 
Each unique in their own way
Put them all together
What a wonderful bouquet
Author Unknown

I have blogged about my friends many times and I am lucky to have lots of really good friends. More than I can even try to discuss here but I thought I'd put together a bouquet of some of my friends from the different areas of my life. Please excuse the awful photo shop skills! 

Alana - Bridesmaid and friend I met at Uni
Jemma - Bridesmaid and friend I met at Uni
My Cousins - Michelle, Leanne and Erin

My Edinburgh Uni (teaching) friends - Laura, Pamela, Moyra and Paula
Suzanne is missing from this photo as I don't have a photo of her and she doesn't 'do' Facebook!

Alison - We met in my probationary year as a teacher and she
has a wee girl who is 5 months older than JC. 

Angela - We met at a Netmums meet up. She has a wee boy who is
3 months younger than JC. 

Fee - She joined the band to cover my Maternity leave but we became
great friends in the process. She is due a baby in July and when she's ready
we will be setting up a duo and picking up the mics again!

Lynsey - We work together and she is the social leader of our staffroom!

Liska - We have children of a similar age, we both blog,
both trying to lose weight and have countless other things in common.
She blogs at newmumonline

This post was written as part of a writing prompt by Nickie at Typecast to raise awareness of the CLIC Sargent 'Yummy Mummy' campaign. I hope to get together with some of my friends in March to have a fundraising night for CLIC Sargent as I feel that it is such a wonderful charity. 


  1. I can't begin to tell you the "tonic" seeing this post has given me, for so so so so so so so many reasons.
    I love you my blog friend - only thing I don't like about you is that you live too far away.
    I would come and stay with you for the weekend but I am scared of dogs :-(
    Liska x

  2. lol! I'll send the dogs to my mum's for the weekend, pack your bags! x

  3. Aw, what a lovely post Claire - made me feel all warm inside. Friends are amazing and without mine in my life I'd be lost xx

  4.  Ooooh must give this some SERIOUS thought - would your Mum really take the dogs?  Be careful what you say as I wasn't joking

  5. Ahh a bouquet of friends, love it! Thanks for being part of #dosomethingyummy

  6. What a lovely idea for a post :-) 


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