Friday, 24 February 2012

Bringing The Outdoors In - 55/366

It was a beautiful day today but really cold and windy. After another action packed day at soft play with my friend Angela and her wee boy Callum, JC was surprisingly energetic and in the mood for climbing when we got home. So after his nap we brought in his slide so that he could burn up some of that energy. A few months ago he couldn't even climb up the stairs to this slide without our help. It's amazing to see him scooting up and down it independently now.


  1. They progress so quickly - the day we went to Covent Gdn Aaron climbed up a slide and then slid down, and I nearly fainted.  Few weeks later I learned they have a slide at nursery x

  2. Aw I have a tiny slide i never thought about giving it a wipe and bring it in for a while lol. Little Miss is pretty big for it and as of yet little Man can't do much with it but still a bit o fun! x

  3. Yeah bring it in! I've had a whole assault course in our livingroom with a trampoline, slide and a swing! It's great fun :)


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