Saturday, 12 November 2011

Keep your Moans in Perspective

I felt like moaning today.

Let me paint you a picture . . .

We're moving house and it's all very chaotic. Every box I pack, JC is right behind me pulling out whisks, spatulas and other household objects. 

JC is climbing, he loves heights, I am trying to run around behind him to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

I'm back at work and I've had parents nights this week - always a stressful event for any teacher.

My band is 'breaking up'. Okay so it's not on a Westlife or Take That scale but it's still full of emotions and crushed feelings. It's all very disappointing and sad. 

JC keeps feeding Kaiya. She has a sensitive stomach so now she is vomiting up JC's snacks all over the house. He could be a ninja, he's so sneaky. 

Some evil person hacked Hubby's XBox account and run up £170 of purchases until we figured out what was happening. Not a great time to lose money when every penny is being counted for our move.

My husband thinks that the best contribution he can make to the move effort is to play his new XBox game upstairs in the bedroom as he is 'keeping out the way'. Saying that he did do the garden today so he might have to take the rest of the week off. 

But, I have plenty to be cheerful about too. 

I have a beautiful child who is happy, healthy and full of spirit. 

I have a husband who cares about me and looks after me. At least I know he is upstairs playing computer games and not down the pub getting up to who knows what. (He also makes a great cup of tea and he makes me laugh)

The stolen money will be replaced by Microsoft eventually, it's a short term problem. 

I have a large, loving family who support and help me by listening to my moans. 

I am moving to my new house next week and everything is signed and sealed. 

I have a secure job that I enjoy. My school kids are like my adopted children and I love them all very much. Parents night is a great night to hear about how parents and children appreciate the work I do. 

Kaiya will recover once JC learns that he can't feed her, this like all stages will pass. 

The band has been a source of great anxiety, time and pressure in my life and I will notice a positive difference when it ends. 

See, I feel better now. It's all about perspective. 

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  1. And that is what this linky is all about! Feel bad for all the rubbish stuff but so pleased that you are finding the positives too. Hope the move goes well :-)

  2. It's all swings and roundabouts isn't it?  Sometimes they just go a little too fast and make us giddy.  

    I love the Yin and Yang approach you have here - for every negative there is a positive :)Also love the new pic at the top of the blog btw - adorable!!

  3. I enjoyed your writing style in this post so much xxx

  4. Thank you, I enjoyed writing this post. I feel like i have had some writers block recently. Glad to be back! X

  5. Thanks! I love that photo too. I hate getting my photo taken so there aren't many nice photos of me and my boy. This is one of the most recent and I really like it. 

  6. Totally agree. Even with my current writers block I still manage to find inspiration in this linky. x

  7. This is a really good post. Sometimes all the wee things just get to you and you need to take a step back. x


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