Monday, 17 October 2011

True Scotsman (kind of)

We attended a family wedding at the weekend and JC got to wear his kilt again. He wore a kilt to my friend's wedding in April but he wasn't walking then. He was so much comfier in it now that he is walking around. Off course to be a 'True Scotsman' is to wear the kilt with no underwear but I thought I would spare the hotel the joy of puddles and poo and he wore his nappy!

We took this photo in the house, it's rare to get a photo of the two of us when he is actually looking the right way these days!

He was quite interested in his Grandad's beer (just like his mum!)

In true Wean Machine style he enjoyed the hot buffet - the kids buffet was fab. Pizza, chicken strips, sausage rolls and chipolata sausages as well as lots of fresh fruit. That wasn't enough for him though, he had to make his way through a whole plateful of haggis, neeps and tatties as well! (turnip and potatoes)

He loved running around  - Freedom!!!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist it!)

He was a bit obsessed with this statue

and the deer's head mounted above the door (which is what he is looking at here)

but his favourite part of the day was the party at night (he likes the ladies and is a bit of a mover)

JC: You dancing?
Girl: You asking? JC: I'm asking
Girl: Well, I'm dancing!
Then he moved on to her sister!

Needless to say, he had a ball! He wasn't the only one though. He got picked up at 8.30pm and I managed to drink my way through 2 bottles of red wine by 1am. Luckily I wasn't back on Mummy duties until 2pm the next day. So thanks for that Gran and Grandad Duncan. Thanks to Gary and Jo for letting us share their big day and thanks to the inventor of paracetamol for helping me through the hangover! 


  1. Awww ...  Love the photo of the two of you together, you both look georgous!

     Glad you managed to let your hair down, thank god for Grandparents! :) x

  2. Thanks! It was his first overnighter with my mum and I think he had a fab day. He is still tired as I think he really wore himself out. 

  3. Hes so cute. My oldest was 9 months at my wedding and he wore a kilt but like you said better when they are walking. x


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