Thursday, 6 October 2011

Smile, Just Smile

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

It's that time of the week again where I like to look back on the past week and think about things that I am  cheerful about. I have to say that it is particularly difficult this week as it hasn't been the best of weeks.

I am not going to fall into my usual trap and dwell on what hasn't gone well this week but I am going to tell you the things in my life that bring me through the other side. The things that make life worthwhile during the hardest moments.

This smile - He smiles with his eyes. Even when he is sick or teething, he still finds the happiness within him to give me this smile. He is a smiley boy and anyone who has ever met him will confirm that they have witnessed a beautiful smile from him but I do think that the one that is captured in this photo here, is the one he keeps just for me.

My wine of choice at the

Red Wine - Not for the purposes of dulling the pain or drowning the sorrows but for the fabulous smooth taste in each glass of red wine that transports my memories to foreign holidays and cosy firesides.

My Bridesmaids pictured here are
some of my closest friends
Friends - I have so many fabulous friends, some I see everyday, some I see less frequently and some I have never even met but I spend so much time speaking to them online that I feel they know me better than I know myself. The amount of support I get from my friends is unbelievable. I will always be grateful to the friends who came to visit me when I was struggling with Grumpinator as a baby. They cooked for me, listened to me, took a turn of holding him while he screamed, cried with me, offered advice, made me laugh and put up with my uncomfortable silences when I couldn't quite find the words.

Me and My Mum
Phone calls - I spend a lot of time on the phone, much to hubby's disgust! When things are tricky or I just need to vent, I usually pick up the phone and call my mum. She is usually captured and has to listen to me until her phone runs of out battery. Sometimes she tells me things I don't want to hear but need to hear regardless. I appreciate her honesty and the fact that she sometimes misses her dinner or favourite TV program because she is listening to my ramblings. JC has picked up a lot from me - can you tell in this video . . .

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  1. what a super smile! so with you on the wine for chilling and remembering. Great you have fab friends and a mum who listens and advises :-)

  2. Hey, all great reasons! My sister vents on the phone a lot, and its my lifeline too in times of stress!

  3. That's a great photo, a very smiley boy. I use to have a photo of my 2 on my desk laughing as I knew it would always lift me if I needed it. Friends are precious. Recently I realised I don't use the phone enough now, not so long ago my husband use to think it was surgically attached to my ear, not sure why it isn't any more but need to change it! Great reasons x


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