Thursday, 21 July 2011

Forking Brilliant

JC impressed me tonight. He used a fork (metal one) to eat his pasta and  he ate it from an actual plate!

Baby led weaning, for us, has been brilliant but it has been messy, very messy. BLW is allowing your child to eat finger foods from 6 months, no spoonfeeding or purees, just offer them what you are eating as long as it is suitable for them health wise. The down side is that the food goes everywhere. Everyone has to go through this eventually anyway once spoonfeeding reduces and finger foods are introduced but with BLW the mess just starts earlier.

JC is the wean machine. He loves his grub and there is very little he wont eat. His appetite rivals that of a teenage boy and his favourite meals range from steak tacos to tarragon chicken bake to stirfry noodles. Until tonight he ate everything with his hands. He does eat soup and yoghurt with a loaded spoon but he feeds himself with the spoon. It was lovely to see him eating so well with proper cutlery and the fact that there was very little mess was a huge bonus!

Check out this wee video of him using his fork for the first time . . .


  1. Sarah MacFarlane22 July 2011 at 08:50

    This is a great idea Claire.  I never fed my children mass produced food although I did start off by pureeing whatever we had and spoon feeding (although they had spoons of their own too).

    I'd do it this way if I had my time again.

  2. I read about it when I was pregnant and thought it sounded less labour
    intensive than pureeing and I am always after an easy time of things! It's
    worked really well for us and I can leave him to it and he feeds himself.
    The only input from me is cooking the food, putting it on the table and
    providing interesting dinner conversation! x

  3. He's just too cute and check him out getting to grips with his fork.  Forking brilliant indeed.


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