Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm Back!!!!

I came home after a week away in Czech Republic suffering severely from lack of blogging and tweeting. After unloading the car and putting JC to bed I rushed to the laptop. Imagine my utter horror when I couldn't connect. A week of no internet access already and I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms. Hubby was straight on the phone to Talk Talk but with no success. Finally it restored itself but what an awful customer service experience in the process! 

So how was our trip?

Well the flight out was much harder. Now that he is mobile he is so much harder to manage. Climbing over the chairs, shouting and wanting down to walk and crawl.

When we arrived in Prague my Dad was there to meet us and we then had to drive to the cottage. My Dad lives in Brno, CZ with his wife Barbora and my half brother Danny (he is 3 weeks older than JC). Barbora's mum owns a cottage in a village called Bilkov. The village is really small with nothing more than some cottages and a pub but what else do you need?

One of the impressive features of the cottage is the fact that it has a large pool. JC spent lots of time in the pool and it was so lovely to see him put his swimming lessons into practise. 

It's only a 5 minute drive from the small town of Dačice and a short drive from the UNESCO World Heritage town Telč. We went for a day trip and had a lovely lunch of Goulash soup (my favourite) and a hearty chicken and pasta bake. 

Although it was a holiday the trip was mostly about spending time with family and it was lovely to catch up with Dad, Barbora and Danny. 

It's great to be back, for a fortnight, then I am off to Florida for our big family holiday. I am planning a vlog journal of our trip so that I can keep up my blogging when I am away. It will be JC's first trip to America so I want to record as many memories as possible. 
Thanks for waiting for my return with baited breath! I hope I was worth the wait! 

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  1. Yaye!  Welcome back hun.  I've missed you.

    Looks like you had a lovely time, that place looks amazing and how fab that you don't have to suffer too much with holiday blues as you're off to Florida (I'm jealous!).


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