Saturday, 16 July 2011

And the Oscar goes too . . .

Disclaimer - this is a sponsored post but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy writing it and hopefully you will enjoy reading it. 

Our dogs should each win an Oscar for the best 'sick dog' performance. It's just as well we have pet insurance or we would be rooked! Tell me though, why is it that they seem to be terribly ill when you phone and make that emergency appointment but the minute your foot steps over the threshold of the Vets they instantly spring to life, bright eyed and bushy tailed? 

Being pedigrees, their breed has quite a few 'common ailments' attached. Ours seem to suffer from quite odd problems though. Kaiya has a terrible wasp allergy and comes out in awful lumps all over her body if she is stung, although as previously mentioned, she does like to play it up for her audience. Ruby is slightly hardier but has problems with incontinence, poor old girl. You don't get Tena Lady for dogs and those stupid looking pants you can buy in pet stores would do nothing for our Ruby and her JLo bottom. 

Although Kaiya wins the best actress award, Ruby comes a close second. She got what can only be described as cramp in her leg when she was out for a walk one day and she started holding her paw up and refusing to walk. My Mother in Law, who was out walking her, thought she was going to have to carry her home. She had a wee stretch and managed the rest of the way home. Funnily though, every time she gets into trouble now the 'limp' reappears! 

Boxers may be the clowns of the dog world but they certainly know how to wrap me round their paws! 


  1. Ahhhh bless they sound so cute, even though I am scared of dogs?
    You been on hols yet?
    or you gone and back already?
    I been caught up in work lately

  2. Just got back late last night but have come home to no Internet! Annoyed with Talk Talk! I hope they have it sorted by tomorrow for my silent Sunday post! X

  3. I hope so sweets. Looking forward to catching up with you xxx

  4. missing you - you still got no internet? x


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