Sunday, 10 July 2011

Scottish is . . .

Well it's T in the Park this weekend so it's kind of difficult to escape all things Scottish. It's all over radio, TV and newspapers. I live quite near Balado, it's near where I grew up but despite being musical, I have never been to TITP. As it's held in July I have usually been working with the band at a wedding.

Not this year though! No, as of today I am off to the sunny Czech Republic for some family time with my Dad, his wife and my little brother Danny (who is only 3 weeks older than JC).

I was listening to Radio 1 the other day when I heard their advertisement for TITP and I have to say I actually sat in my car to listen to the end of it. It gave me goosebumps. I am fiercely patriotic but not in a dislike 'The English' like some numptys but in a 'I love where I come from but can accept we are not perfect' kind of way. I am not even a 'we need independence' kind of person either. I really don't care if we are part of the UK or not. I have and always will consider England and Scotland to be separate countries in terms of language and culture but if we are made stronger by uniting together then I don't see what the harm is in that?

Anyway, I ramble. If you want to watch this fabulous advert for TITP you can see it here . . .

For me Scottish is getting an overnight bus to London, not bringing a coat and being the last to leave CyberMummy! 
I will leave you now to ask yourselves what makes you feel Scottish/English/Irish/Welsh or for my foreign visitors American/Canadian/Australian/Czech on so on. 


  1. Being Scottish is being proud of being a wee bit rubbish. Being Scottish is having a wee soft spot for the alchy ned.
    Being Scottish is embracing our stereotypes cos they make us laugh.
    Found u on BMB - I'll be back!
    Mummykimmy x

  2. Hiya! Like you I'm not far from Balado, and have never been to TITP - however are planning a trip next year - infact, i'm halfway through writing a post about just this. We did point it out to The Wee Dude yesterday going past though :) .

  3. What makes me feel Irish - that's a tricky one.....!
    The sense of home I feel when I go there.
    The fact that all my relatives are there.
    The fact that I had my 21st there and got married there.
    The fact that home is where the heart is and my heart is there.
    Liska x

  4. Excellent post. What makes me feel Scottish, is I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I love it here, we have beautiful countryside, even though we live in a built up area, you can drive half an hour and you can see some gorgeous landscapes. I love castles and we have many of them here. I enjoy the cooler weather, haggis, whiskey and irn bru. I am Scottish and proud of it. x

  5. What makes me English? No sure really - not moaning in restaurants even when the service is bad. Enjoying Tea. Not actually wanting to live for any length of time anywhere else.  I think of myself more of a Londoner than English or British and I don't even live in London any more! Enjoy your holiday XX


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