Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Daddy Cool

The Gallery theme this week is Dad's. We went to visit my Dad in Czech Republic in April and these photos were taken of Hubby and JC in the garden.

JC - being a good Dad is someone who

gives me tummy tickles, raspberry belly, wipes my nose, encourages me to crawl, supports me to walk, brings me my toys in the morning, dances with me to Disney songs, throws me high in the air (and never drops me), makes the best Chicken Stir Fry ever, makes the most delicious pancakes ever and reads stories with the coolest voices (almost as good as my mum).

Steven - being a good Dad is

scary, exciting, emotional, fun, full of joy, full of worry, a huge responsibility, cuts into XBox time, getting to be a kid all over again, a challenge at times, hugely rewarding, tiring but the best job in the world.


  1. Gorgeous words and Gorgeous Photos :) xx

  2. Being a dad is also being consumed with love! Love you wee man!


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