Friday, 17 June 2011

12/365 Book Worm

Image Courtesy of Barefoot Books
I've been to the library with JC a few times for the Baby Rhyme Time classes but never to purposefully look at the books. He loves books and as I am a keen reader, I love to encourage his interest. I took him along to our local library today to register for his very first library card. He enjoyed having a wee rummage through the books and we picked 6 baby board books to take home. He also liked being in the library as it's a really inviting and comfortable place. Lots of beanbags and cushions to crawl over.

I thought I would take this opportunity of a book related to post to mention something which I am working on.I am trying to raise money for the charity CrossReach who run a Post Natal Depression service in Edinburgh. I am also an ambassador for Barefoot Books which produce wonderfully original books for children. I am combining both my interests and for the next year I am going to try and sell as many Barefoot Books as I can through my online marketplace and the profit I make over the next year will be going straight to the charity.

So please pay a visit to my marketplace

Not only are Barefoot Books beautifully written and illustrated they are also fabulous for exploring diversity and issues that effect our planet. 2 of the books I borrowed from the library were Barefoot Books and I had picked them for JC and I didn't notice who had published the books until I got home. I hope you enjoy them as much as me and JC do.

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