Friday, 17 June 2011

CyberMummy 'Hot' Stuff

This time next week I will be making my way to Glasgow to get the overnight bus to CyberMummy. When I get to London it will be early in the morning and I am going to go to the hotel to drop off my stuff and hopefully get into my room early. If not it will be a quick spruce in the loos which I am used to doing considering I often get spruced for my gigs at the weekend in smelly toilet cubicles (port-a-loos are the worst!).

My fabulous sponsors, HotPants, have arranged my accommodation and they are sorting me out with a T-Shirt. So I don't even need to worry about what to wear! I would only obsess about it anyway and change my mind 100 times. 
There has been a lot of buzz on Twitter (@gethotpants) about my sponsors and a lot of eager women wondering when their HotPants will arrive. Well ladies, you won't have to wait much longer as I hear through the 'hot' line that they are being packed up and are ready to be dispatched. Just as well because these exercise shorts are in 'hot' demand! Liska over at New Mum Online was ready to turn up at their door if she didn't receive her miracle shorts soon. You see, you can't buy them in the shops and they haven't even been released yet. 

Just to assure my fellow HotPants ambassadors, I don't have mine yet either and I too am exercising patience. I am actually quite glad because I was concerned that my lovely sponsors would ask me to wear a pair to CyberMummy and that would not be a desirable sight! Nothing to do with what the HotPants look like but more to do with my derrière! Once my HotPants arrive I plan on giving you some before and after shots on the blog - I am so brave! 

Can't wait to meet some of you next week. Look out for me, I'm the 5ft (with my hands in the air) blonde wearing a HotPants T-shirt. 


  1. Yes, I am impatient, and I said the same sentiment on Twitter tonight before you told me about this post.
    I want those bad boys and I want them now.
    They promise us to lose 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks so I wanted them 2 weeks before Cybermummy.
    Liska LOL

  2. I am very impatient too, cant wait. Want to do before and after shots comparing my bum to the models...hoping it will look like hers after 2 weeks!! I really am hoping these are magic hotpants!! Cant wait to meet you x


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