Thursday, 10 February 2011

sleepless nights and sleepy days

Well the theme in The Gallery this week is 24 Hours. Our mission is to document a typical day so here is my entry for this week. . .

If I started from when I woke up this would be entitled as 48 hours because Grumpinator did not sleep last night. So we were house bound today. Scuba Steve went to work with my buggy in his car (AGAIN!!) so we were stuck in until he got home from work.

I always start the day by getting up and giving him a feed in his nursing chair. Then he goes back in his cot for a kick about and listens to his music. His morning music is Scottish children's songs, starting always with Ma Maw's a Millionaire.

 He helped me brush my teeth - because everything gets done with a baby on one hip - multitasking!

Then he brushed his own gums!

Weetabix for breakfast, om nom nom

Nap time for Ruby and Kaiya

Nap in his swing

Pancakes for lunch - scoffed the lot!

He was watching me dance and sing along to music in the kitchen - this is his unimpressed face.

Then he observed the washing up

Kaiya licked the floor clean!

Time for a roll around in the gym!

Yeah! Dad came home with the buggy so out for a walk with the dogs!

My mum came for dinner and stayed for a lovely chat.

More importantly  . . .

She brought these

Now I'm off to bed because if we have a repeat of last night he'll be up in an hour and I will be up the rest of the night with him. Apologies for the blurry photos, I guess my hands are a bit shaky today - I'm blaming the sleep deprivation!

Night Night!

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